Current interdisciplinary Ph.D. in evaluation students at Western Michigan University are listed with their research interest(s).

Ruqayyah Abu-Obaidhealth evaluation in international development context and program evaluation

Jonathan Bartik—evaluating policy in education at all levels

Steven Dibble—program evaluation in business decision-making

Cheryl Endres—user-oriented, collaborative, and appreciative evaluations

Jeffrey Hillman—evaluation capacity building, program evaluation, professionalization of evaluation

Amy Jersild—program evaluation, international development, Sustainable Development Goals

Thomas Lyzenga—program evaluation

Valerie Marshall—understanding the experience and training of accidental evaluators and the application and management of
evaluation in particular contexts

Injae (Peter) Son—program evaluation

Zachary Tilton—program evaluation, evaluation of peace efforts, international development

Takara Tsuzaki—program evaluation, international development

Lenore Yaeger—institutional interventions on student success and program evaluation