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Organizational Change Leadership — Graduate Certificate

WMU’s Graduate Certificate in Organizational Change Leadership is designed for individuals interested in improving their skills and knowledge in the strategic use of change leadership theory and applications to drive successful organizational change. Designed for a diverse group of individuals working in a variety of organizations and industry sectors, this online competency-grounded program combines research, theory, and practice to improve their ability to effectively lead change in an increasingly complex environment through the use of change leadership theory. This program is offered online and hybrid, and students can begin to apply for the certificate in Fall, 2024.

We also offer a master’s and a doctoral degree.


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  • Admissions Requirements
    • A bachelor’s degree
    • Minimum of 3.0 grade point average on all previous undergraduate or graduate work
    • At least two years of relevant professional work experience

    Each applicant is assessed as a whole person with no single criterion as the determining factor in the admissions process. The GRE is not required for admission.

Why organizational change leadership at Western Michigan University?

  • All courses are designed for full-time working professionals who complete the program either fully online or in a hybrid format in Kalamazoo.
  • We equip you with tools and best practices for leading and developing individuals, groups, and organizations in an age of globalization.
  • We train you to conduct organizational consulting engagements using established diagnostic models and current theory and research.
  • We educate you in organizational change, organizational leadership, organizational culture,  group dynamics, and globalization.

Who should apply?

  • Any leader who wants or is called upon to lead change in this ever-changing complex environment.
  • Existing managers or individual contributors interested in advancing into formal change leadership roles such as Change Manager, OD Consultant, or Transformation Leader.
  • HR professionals looking to expand advisory skills guiding organizational evolution and employee experience during transitions.
  • Project managers responsible for technology implementations, restructurings, expansions, or other complex company initiatives requiring stakeholder alignment.
  • Internal/external team coaches or trainers tasked with building change-ready mindsets and skill sets during company evolutions.

The coursework equips professionals to drive strategic alignment, facilitate stakeholder engagement, support adoption, minimize resistance, and anchor transformations designed to drive organizational change success.


"We focus on the development of marketable skills—skills wanted by employers in a vast array of industries." Dr. David Szabla
  • Career opportunities

    The Organizational Change Leadership Certificate program is designed to lead to a career in organizational development and change by helping to prepare you for jobs such as:

    • Change Management Consultant - Help clients guide major transitions in structure, technology systems, strategy, leadership, or culture
    • Change Management Specialist - Serves as an internal expert leading transformation initiatives within one organization across departments
    • Organizational Development Consultant - Advise organizations on aligning infrastructure, processes, and policies to optimize performance.
    • Leadership Development Specialist - Design and deliver training focused on leading change or building change-capable cultures.
    • Business Process Improvement Consultant - Help redesign workflows, communication channels, and operational systems to be more efficient.
    • Change Communications Specialist - Develop strategies, plans, and content to drive the adoption of changes and manage uncertainty.
    • Digital Transformation Consultant - Provide guidance on leading adaptation efforts to new technologies and work models.
  • Program requirements (12 total hours)

    Students will complete a planned program of study consisting of 12 hours of coursework with an overall grade point average of 3.0 or better, with no course grade below a “C.”  The courses include:

    • OCL 6400 - Foundations in Organizational Change Leadership Credits: 3 hours
    • OCL 6410 - Organizational Culture and Globalization Credits: 3 hours
    • OCL 6430 - Group Dynamics and Team Development in an Age of Globalization Credits: 3 hours
    • OCL 6440 - Large Scale Change and Organizational Design Credits: 3 hours

Meet Kevin

"The program helped me develop the skills necessary to learn how to analyze an organizational structure and apply data-driven methodologies to overcome organizational problems."

Kevin Curiel-Vazquez is the Chief Operating Officer for Olvera Enterprises, a private organization that serves as the lead organization for the supermarket chain of Supermercado Mexico. His current work focuses on developing organizational communication structures and executing project developments and management.


  • Dr. Tova Sanders

    Dr. Tova Sanders

    Associate Professor


  • Dr. David Szabla

    Dr. David Szabla

    Program Coordinator