Educational and Instructional Technology Frequently Asked Questions

I enrolled in my EDT graduate program before the fall 2017 semester. Do my program requirements change?

No. If you started your EDT Master of Arts or Graduate Certificate program before the fall 2017 semester, you may complete your program using the old requirements, which you can find on this page: Prior to Fall 2017 EDT Requirements. However, you can also choose to complete your graduate program using the new requirements found on the main program pages on this website. Please contact your academic advisor if you have questions about course requirements.

Who are the students in these programs?

Our program has a diverse group of students who work in a variety contexts and have a vast array of professional interests. We have students who work as teachers and in other roles in K-12 education. Some work in administrative roles in higher education. We have students who work for organizations in human resources or who aspire to work in training and development. Some students are in the military and especially find the online format convenient while they are deployed. We have also had many international students from around the world who have enrolled while in Kalamazoo or from their home countries.

What is the format for these programs?

All EDT courses are offered in an entirely online format. We also offer some of our courses in a traditional classroom format at the main Kalamazoo campus. Our programs can be completed entirely online or in a traditional classroom format.

What are the backgrounds of the faculty?

Our faculty hold doctoral degrees in educational fields directly related to the content of these graduate programs. Some courses are also taught by working professionals who bring many years of practical experience and expertise to their teaching.

What is the application deadline?

We offer rolling admissions to both the Master’s and Graduate Certificate programs. Students may begin their studies during any semester: Fall, Spring, Summer I or Summer II.

Is financial aid offered for these programs?

Various types of scholarships are available at various levels (e.g., program, department, college, and university). More information about scholarships and other funding opportunities can be found here.

Can students be admitted to both the educational technology certificate and master's programs?

No, however, students can be admitted into the certificate program and transfer into the master's program by completing a second graduate college application form requesting to be admitted into the master's degree program.

Must students enroll in the online graduate certificate program before applying for the master of arts in educational technology?

No, students are free to apply for either program in whatever order they see fit.

Can students currently admitted to another master's degree at wmu transfer to the educational technology master's degree?

Yes, students need to complete the graduate admission form. So you do not have to re-pay the fee, get a paper form from the Office of Admissions. Students transferring to the educational technology master's degree are subject to the same admissions procedures and review as new students and need to be approved for admission by the faculty of the educational technology program.

How are the elective courses for the educational technology minor core determined?

Elective courses are determined in cooperation with your assigned academic advisor and must match the career goals of the student as well as the degree requirements of WMU.

I am a K-12 teacher and I need to fulfill my reading course requirement. Is there a course I can take in one of these programs that will fulfill this requirement?

Yes, if you are enrolled in the EDT Master’s degree program, you can take LS 5160 - Professional Symposium in Reading as one of your two Elective courses. More information about this can be found at the Teacher and Administrator Certification page.