Master of Arts in Evaluation, Measurement and Research

Master of arts

Program overview

The Master of Arts in Evaluation, Measurement and Research in the Department of Educational Leadership, Research and Technology at Western Michigan University is designed to prepare you for staff positions in evaluation, testing or research units in schools or non-school organizations.

Why the Master of Arts in Evaluation, Measurement and Research at Western Michigan University?

The Master of Arts in evaluation, measurement and research will enable you to:

  • Work with nationally and internationally recognized faculty
  • Have opportunities to engage in grant-funded research
  • Engage in cutting-edge coursework and be exposed to the latest advances in evaluation, measurement and research
  • Feel supported in a small program with faculty interested in individualizing and maximizing your experiences
  • Have opportunities to present research and evaluation studies at national conferences
  • Be encouraged and supported to prepare publications with faculty or on your own


  • EMR 5400 Fundamentals of Evaluation, Measurement and Research
  • EMR 5410 Introduction to Educational Measurement and Assessment
  • EMR 6420 Evaluation I: Theory, Methods & Program Evaluation
  • EMR 6430 Evaluation II: Evaluation of Policies, Personnel, and Produucts
  • EMR 6450 Data Analytics I: Design Studies
  • EMR 6480 Qualitative Research Methods
  • EMR 6500 Survey Research
  • EMR 6590 Contemporary Trends in EMR
  • EMR 6790 Capstone Portfolio Project

Total: 27 credits


Coursework from a single department or program outside the evaluation, measurement and research program such as statistics, sociology, psychology, or other area approved by the advisor.

Total: 9 credits

Portfolio assessment

During the capstone portfolio experience, the students will develop a portfolio that shows their ability to apply the techniques learned from the core courses.

Program total: 36 credits