Meet Our Students and Graduates

  • Deyab Almaleki, Ph.D.
    Vice-Dean for the Deanship of Academic Development and Quality Assurance
    Associate Professor, Department of Evaluation, Measurement and Research at Umm Al Qura University, Saudi Arabia
    '16 graduate

    "EMR department was my target to complete my degree before I came to the USA, due to the good global reputation for the program. during my doctoral program, EMR has boosted so many parts of my academic and research skills. I was the author and co-author in many researches before I graduated. Additionally, I learned how to presenting at conferences, and networking at professional associations. All that would not have been possible without the unlimited support of the academic supervisor (prof. Applegate) and EMR faculty members.

    Now, through my work as a Vice-Dean for the Deanship of Academic Development & Quality Assurance at Umm Al-Qura University (UQU), I seek to contribute to the transfer of knowledge and skills that I learned during my Ph.D. study to developing measurement and evaluation processes at UQU. Moreover, continue research and scientific production in the field of EMR. At the same time, build a good network with EMR scientists from around the world."

  • Diyana Kamarudin, Ph.D
    Head of Program (Entrepreneurship) / Head of Research Cluster (Marketing and Entrepreneurship)
    Assistant Professor
    '15 Graduate

    "I came from a communications background, and had zero knowledge on anything statistics. I was a nervous wreck going into the EMR doctoral program, but the professors there were amazing! Not only were they amazing, they made me love the subjects, and had fun learning them. I also made amazing connections and friendship through the program. I was also given the opportunity to teach the EMR 5400 – Introduction to EMR course as a Doctoral Associate. This helped me learn classroom management, gain the skills to be a better presenter, as well as navigating the black board e-learning site from an instructor’s perspective. Teaching the EMR 5400 course also made me understand the course content better, which lead to gaining my position now within the University Malaysia Pahang. The EMR program gave me the proficiencies needed to be a skilled research methodologist. Aside from my current positions, I was also appointed by the Institute of Post Graduate Studies in the university as the subject matter expert for methodology. I have also been invited as a guest speaker for research seminars and trainings in other institutions, inside and outside of Malaysia too."

  • Geoff Whitehurst, Ph.D.
    Professor, College of Aviation, Western Michigan
    '13 Graduate

    "My EMR degree gave me the knowledge and the tools, especially in research, to complete the requirements in the area of professional recognition required to become tenured faculty. Having gained a greater understanding of all aspects of research, I was able to take on the role of Principle Investigator (PI) and Co-PI with College of Aviation colleagues for several aviation weather related projects sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration. We became involved in these projects 12 months after my graduation and the current project is funded through September 2021. The total funding for the 9 projects, 4 as PI and 5 as Co-PI, is $1,434,624."

  • Katelyn Tanis
    Accountability Analyst with National Heritage Academies
    '18 Graduate

    "The EMR program has boosted so many parts of my career. I regularly use the skills I acquired in the program to help organizations plan and execute evaluations. Additionally, I've built a network of colleagues in the program by working together on research in the classroom, presenting at conferences, and networking at professional associations. I highly recommend the program to anyone looking to take the next step towards a career in the social sciences."

  • Qi Zhang, Ph.D.
    Quantitative Researcher at American Institute for Research (AIR)
    '20 graduate

    "EMR has provided excellent training for me to succeed as a quantitative researcher in the field. The program offers a wide range of courses in applied statistics and education research that would be very handy in my new position. Not only was I trained as a quantitative researcher, but I was also able to learn and develop skills in program evaluation, measurement, and qualitative research. This is truly an outstanding aspect of the program. I truly believe this aspect of the program provides the necessary tools for me to become a well-rounded researcher."

    "The faculty members in EMR are especially invested in students’ success. Not only do the faculty members encourage graduate-level research, but they also offer mentorships for students to succeed professionally. For instance, I like that the program encourages students to attend and present at conferences, which is a great way to showcase students’ research and network with other researchers in the field. This also provides valuable opportunities for students to learn about the career options available in the field. I also like that there are many great research projects and opportunities available within EMR. The faculty members are also helpful to assist students in developing their own research interests and ideas. "