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Prospective students

Are you considering applying to graduate school in higher education and student affairs? We consider the application process an educational one and encourage prospective students to explore the profession of student affairs as well as find out more about our HESA program to ensure a good fit. Department chair, Dr. Donna Talbot, and second year graduate student, Alex Cicalese, discuss what sets WMU's HESA program apart.

In addition, various sections of our website have information about exploring the professionprogram mission and goals, admissions requirementscourses and answers to frequently asked questions. For more information, contact: elrt_hesa@wmich.edu.

Application information

To ensure priority and full review of your higher education and student affairs application (certificate and cohort), and to be eligible for higher education and student affairs leadership interview days, please complete all parts of your application and make sure they reach us, including references, no later than Dec. 15 of each year. All applicants, including WMU graduates, are highly encouraged to submit an "unoffical" transcript from the institution where the undergraduate degree was awarded-this is in addition to the required official transcript request. Applicants can submit this material in the online WMU application system. This will speed up the review of your application due to the extended time needed to process official transcripts.  Generally, students who apply by the deadline will be notified by late January.

Certificate in higher education and student affairs

The certificate in higher education and student affairs is designed for full-time professionals working in student affairs or related administrative areas who do not have the academic background or training in higher education, or graduate students enrolled in another master’s program who demonstrate commitment to and experience working in higher education.

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More information

For inquiries about the higher education and student affairs program, please contact the faculty coordinator, Dr. Ramona Lewis, at elrt-hesa@wmich.edu.

Alumni information and HESA giving

The HESA alumni are around the world. We love to hear from you. Alumni information, contact forms, opportunities to get involved and the HESA alumni newsletters are below.

Spring 2019 HESA newsletter

Spring 2018 HESA newsletter

Fall 2016 HESA newsletter

HESA students do amazing things! If you would like to support HESA student scholarships, programs and community development, we would love to hear from you. There are three funds that directly support HESA Students. Visit: https://secure.wmualumni.org/s/give

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Funds related to HESA

  • SGRI (Paul and Phyllis Griffeth Student Affairs Scholarship) – Supports scholarships for current student recipient demonstrating outstanding promise as a student affairs professional. View past recipients
  • HESA (Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership Development Fund) - Supports HESA student programming including student events and leadership activities.
  • EGEH (Global Engagement in Higher Education Endowment) – Supports scholarships for activities that will enhance global awareness and participation