About Us

The Western Michigan University Paper Pilot Plants—Offering the unique combination of:


A fully trained, experienced staff will be involved in all phases of your project, from initial evaluation through production and testing.


We respect the constraints to time and will work to optimize your output and meet your development, testing, and production schedule throughout the year.


We understand the significance of your development efforts and ensure complete confidentiality throughout every phase of our working relationship.


The WMU Pilot Plants are not affiliated with any company or commercial entity, which means your project is managed in an independent, open environment.


  • Internet: High-speed wireless Internet connection available in all pilot plants.
  • Phone: Cell phone reception is intermittent. A landline phone is available.
  • Refreshments: Water, pop/soda, and coffee are available on site.
  • Lunch is provided, please let us know if you require a special diet.
  • A fax machine is available.
  • A copy machine is available.
  • Protective Equipment: Safety glasses and earplugs are provided.