Our Mission


We provide workforce and facility solutions for research, product development, and education for the public and educational communities within the paper, printing, and allied industries. Through our public partnerships, we provide a valued workforce supplement as well as open access to pilot plant facilities and personnel that are validated by the use and support of the industries we serve.


Internationally sought out center of service excellence available to the University community as well as all private and public individuals and organizations learning and working within the paper, printing, and allied industries. Our uniqueness is defined by our industrial staff, our pilot plant, and laboratory facilities, and our affiliation with an academic and research center of excellence in papermaking, coating, composting, and recycling.

Core values

  • A safe environment
  • Meaningful results
  • Timely and valued communications
  • Invested customers
  • Information and data are handled accurately and consistently with integrity and confidentiality
  • Sensitive to the pressures of limited time and resources of those we serve
  • Worldwide respect and awareness
  • Facilitate and/or orchestrate technical accomplishments
  • Support the commercial exposure of our public sector benefactors
  • Dependable
  • Provide viable facilities and industrial-scale experiences for our graduates