When wind chills of -50ºF closed the University, the Pilot Plant staff volunteered to continue our experiment. Through sheer dedication and operational excellence, they got the results we needed and made our test an outstanding success. If you're looking for a place to run trials, WMU is as good as it gets!
Robert J Eller — Rochester Institute of Technology

"Thanks again for all the help while we were at WMU. I was really impressed with the entire crew. Everyone was very open to changes and all requests were met with a 'we'll get it done attitude'. As you probably know many trials deviate from the original plan and your facility has shown that these deviations will be handled well. In our talks with Shawn, there was never an instance where I felt like we were a bother. There are a few times we wanted to try something different (base stock change, rod changes, additional formulas, …) none were met with any resistance. In a nutshell, we both felt very comfortable at your facility. I would have no issues using WMU pilot facilities in the future."
Anonymous Coating Trial Client

"As you are enjoying your coffee at Starbucks, savor the thought that less than a hundred days ago, this paper cup was a tree," Sydel says. "With a little bit of stewardship and, in as little as 72 hours, it can be back in service as a pizza box."
Scott Seydel — Global Green's Chairman of the Board

"That’s what opened up conversations with larger manufacturers. Because of Western, we have a shot of landing someone even bigger who can do it on the scale of five to ten tons per day."
Folia Water Inc