Pricing for the Coater

Western Michigan University reserves the right to change rates without notice.

The following rates do not represent the full cost of a trial or test. Trial plans are unique and test protocols vary and their differences do affect the pricing. The following rates do not include shipping or material costs which also affect the price. To schedule a trial or to request a detailed trial or testing quotation, please contact Lon Pschigoda at +1 (269) 276-3533 or by email.

Pilot plant and laboratory charges (in US dollars) include operators. The coater use fee includes coating kitchen, calender (Parkview only), spot testing, and lunch. The minimum charge for use of a WMU coater is one full 8-hour day.


Parkview coater: $15,500/day

Hot soft-nip calender — no coater: $7,200/day

Coating kitchen — no coater — Parkview: $5,500/day

Laboratory equipment and testing (plus material fees): Starting at $210/hr

Slitter / Rewinder: $185–$275/roll

Toll Coating: Contact the director

The University will send an invoice upon completion of the work. Pay within 30 days to avoid a 1.5% monthly finance charge.

One day of equipment and staff use refers to an eight-hour day: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, except holidays. Start-up and shutdown time is included in the eight hours. The time required outside the core eight-hour period, on the same day, for equipment operations, including coating preparation or clean up, must be arranged through the plant director and will carry the following charges:

Overtime Rates*

Coater: $2,100/hr

Hot soft-nip calendar only: $1,200/hr

Coating kitchen only: $950/hr

Toll Coating: Contact the director

*Any special set-up, alteration, or addition to equipment needs to be pre-arranged with the plant director. The director will advise on the cost of modifications.

All materials and supplies ordered and/or purchased by the University will be at the delivered cost plus a service charge of 20%.

Cancellation Policy — To avoid a monetary penalty, cancel the pilot runs at least 21 days before the first booked run date. Canceling within 20 days before the first booked run date will incur the following cancellation fees: 20% of total booked value if canceled 15—20 days before, 40% if canceled 8—14 days before, and 80% if canceled 0—7 days before.