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Ahlstrom Achieves Recyclability Certification Awarded for Several Food Packaging Papers

Ahlstrom announced that several of its food packaging base papers, which utilize Ahlstrom's proprietary FluoroFree® technology, have passed Western Michigan Recyclability Certification.


WMU Paper Pilot Plant and Valmet have partnered to install a Valmet IQ Quality Control System (QCS)

Valmet's quality control system uses intelligent scanners, precise integrated or standalone measurements, and advanced control applications for monitoring and optimizing end-product quality in board and papermaking. Adding the IQ Scanner at the pilot plant will give WMU students hands-on educational experience with this latest automation technology.


Identification and characterization of sticky contaminants in multiple recycled paper grades

Authors: Yun Wang, Cornellius Marcello, Neha Sawant, Abdus Salam, Said Abubakr, Dewei Qi, and Kecheng Li

Abstract Organic sticky contaminants represent one of the biggest technical challenges in the paper recycling process. These contaminants reduce paper strength, cause plugging of wires and felts, and stick to or deposit on machine parts affecting the runnability of the paper machine. The removal of these sticky contaminants is difficult to achieve along the process due to the heterogeneous nature of these organic contaminants. In this study, the nature of sticky contaminants in multiple wastepaper grades was analyzed and characterized using screening, solvent extraction with subsequent analysis such as FT-IR, GC-MS, and SEM. The content of stickies in wastepaper varies among different paper grades and their recovery methods. The wastepaper from curb side collection contains nearly 4 times the amount of stickies than most of the wastepaper grades collected from a local paper recycling mill. Polyvinyl acetate polymers, styrene butadiene rubber (SBR), paraffin waxes and polyamines are the major components in the extracted sticky contaminants. In addition, these stickies deposit heavily on fibers surface leading to high negative charge in fibers suspension ranging between 2 and 4.5 μeq/L. It is expected that these findings will assist addressing the knowledge gaps in understanding the nature of stickies and their behaviors, and to eventually develop highly efficient technologies for contamination removal in the paper recycling process.

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Hemp Innovation Foundation Funds Hump Recycles Research Study

Hemp Innovations Foundation (HIF), a nonprofit sister organization of the National Hemp Association (NHA), has awarded a grant to fund the Hemp Recycles research project. The goal of the project is to determine the viability and sustainability of using hemp fibers for paper making versus traditional wood paper pulp, and to create “regional hemp fiber and pulp supply chains with local farmers, thereby invigorating the domestic economy from field to sheet,” according to a press release. Hemp Recycles is conducting the project in partnership with Western Michigan University.


Western student powers launch of new compostability testing center

An innovative new lab at Western Michigan University will help companies evolve to a greener future. Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certification is expected later this summer on the new compostability testing facility—one of just four of its kind in North America.

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WMU certifies recyclability of Luminy® PLA-coated paperboard

WMU helps close the loop for paper-coated packaging and serviceware. WMU's recyclability certificate was awarded to Luminy® from Total Corbion PLA for their coated paperboard.


NoWaste Plastic Free Paper Packaging

AFC Packaging and AFC Packaging-Policarta, Divisions of AFC Materials Group, are excited to announce that our NoWaste Plastic Free Paper Packaging has passed the rigorous testing standards of Western Michigan University's Old Corrugated Container Equivalency protocol for recyclability.

IPG WAT paper tape passes recycling certification

Intertape Polymer Group's (IPG) water-activated paper tape passes Western's Repulpable and Recycling Certification making it the first certified recyclable carton sealing tape! WMU is proud to have helped IPG further its commitment to its sustainability efforts.

PSI Welcomes WMU as one of their Newest Members

Paper Stock Industries, welcomed Western Michigan University Pilot Plants along with American Fiber Solutions, as one of two new members.

Paper Stock Industries (PSI), a national chapter of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), is a trade association representing paper processors, brokers, packers, mills, and others dedicated to the paper recycling industry since 1962. Their mission is to promote the recovered paper industry for the benefit of its members by establishing and maintaining the standards and practices to guide the industry, and by providing an avenue for the exchange of ideas and information—helping members succeed in today’s marketplace. 

Membership benefits include:

  • to assist in staying up-to-date with developing and emerging trends and legislation
  • provide understand and clarification on the latest domestic and foreign markets
  • assist in developing industry-respected specifications
  • provide networking and social activities.

PSI provides members guidance in:

  • Government Affairs
  • Marketing
  • Networking 
  • Safety
  • Scholarships
  • Specifications
  • Standards and Practices
  • Trade Missions