Stock Preparation

Western Michigan University has the equipment and the experience to reproduce any production scenario for papermaking you require. We also have extensive experience with non-cellulosic materials used in wet-laid nonwovens or specialty paper production.

Airal shot of the paper pulper


Virgin and recycle fiber sources are repulped using a Black Clawson Hydrapulper. It is 6 ft (1825 mm) in diameter and has a capacity to 500 lbs (225 kg). The rotor is variable speed and operates to a consistency of 15%. Horsepower at 100 (74.5 kW) and extraction plate have 5/8 in (16 mm) holes. Operation is a batch mode and is temperature-controlled.

Arial shot of the Stock Chest

Stock Chests

A wide variety of pulps and furnish combinations are possible using the eight stock chests available at Western. Each is individually agitated and one is temperature-controlled. The tanks range in capacity from 1,200 gal — 5,000 gal.

Refining section of the machine


Western has two identical Beloit Jones 12 in double disk refiners. One is located in stock prep and the other is located at the wet end of the paper machine. Each refiner has a disc speed of 1,200 — 1,800 rpms, disc diameter of 12 in (305 mm), and horsepower at 100 (74.5 kW). Both refiners can be used during a papermaking trial.

Reclained Fiber

Reclaimed Fiber

Western also has a complete recycling pilot plant that can take OCC, MOW, etc., and repulp as well as screen, wash, and de-ink. For more information on the specific equipment, please visit the Recycling Pilot Plant page.