Major Highlights

Established in 1973, the School of Public Affairs and Administration offers accredited and award-winning academic programs at the undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. levels. It's programs blend theory and practice in order to prepare students for public service careers in such diverse tracks as public management, nonprofit leadership, human resources, and healthcare. Some of the highlights of the School and it's programs include:

  • Academic programs break disciplinary silos for an integrated and holistic learning to succeed in a 21st century professional career;
  • Over 3,000 alumni are leading change for “common good” through high-impact careers in government and nonprofit organizations locally, nationally and globally;
  • A diverse body of students, faculty, and staff promote and pursue inclusive learning together;
  • The faculty has a wide reach of service including in nonprofit boards and public agencies in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and a host of other cities and counties to committees, commissions, and task forces in Lansing, as well as many national organizations;
  • Faculty have had research and service grants from Fulbright, NIH, NSF, United Nations, and other national and international organizations; and
  • Faculty research and consulting services span multiple countries and regions including Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, Guatemala, Iraq, Japan, Luxembourg, Myanmar, Nepal, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Uzbekistan, and high-income countries in general.