Locations and Advising


The undergraduate, M.P.A. and Ph.D. programs are offered on main campus in Kalamazoo. In addition, the M.P.A. coursework is available online with each course including six three-hour synchronous meetings over evenings or weekends.


Newly admitted students in the School of Public Affairs and Administration at Western Michigan University need to speak with an advisor before starting a program so that all their questions can be answered and a customized program plan developed.

Undergraduate programs

Major and/or minor declarations - Contact the College of Arts and Sciences advising office at (269) 387-4366

Major and/or minor in-depth questions and student program planning are handled through School of Public Affairs and Administration.

  • Dr. Vickie Edwards
    By appointment only - via electronic (WebX, zoom, etc) - email vickie.edwards@wmich.edu to schedule an appointment

Master of Public Administration

Kalamazoo and Online advising

  • Dr. Matthew Mingus
    By appointment only - via electronic (WebX, zoom, etc) - email matthew.mingus@wmich.edu to schedule an appointment
  • Dr. Udaya Wagle
    By appointment only - via electronic (WebX, zoom, etc) - email udaya.wagle@wmich.edu to schedule an appointment

If you foresee the need for a leave of absence, to extend your time to complete the degree, or to discuss strategies for success, please see an advisor. Graduate coursework coupled with a full-time job can be difficult.

Doctor of Philosophy

Doctoral students should contact Dr. Matthew Mingus or Dr. Udaya Wagle.