Handbooks, Guidelines, and Forms

The School of Public Affairs and Administration at Western Michigan University handbooks should be used in conjunction with the Western Michigan University graduate catalog.

Handbooks and Guidelines


M.P.A. and Ph.D. student review process

Each September, the academic history of all M.P.A. students will be reviewed. If you have not completed a course in more than one calendar year, you will be sent a letter providing you with the options of applying for readmission or withdrawing from the program. If you choose to withdraw, please provide your reasons for withdrawing.

If you are inactive and would like to be readmitted, please complete and submit an Application for Graduate Readmission.

If you complete your first course five years prior to the audit, you will receive a written request to meet with your advisor. If you and your advisor determine it is not possible to complete the program within six years of finishing the first course, you may submit a Graduate Program Degree Time Extension Form. In the event that the extension request is not approved and you cannot complete the program within the six-year time limit, you will be required to withdraw from the M.P.A. program by the end of the sixth year.

Students on conditional admission status

If you were admitted on a conditional status, your academic history will be reviewed within two months of the end of each semester and session. You will receive written notification when you have done one of the following:

  • Fulfilled the requirements for regular admission.
  • Not met the requirements and have been dismissed from the program. The dismissal letter will include a copy of the University's appeal procedure.