Doctoral Dissertation Topics

SPAA Doctoral (Ph.D. and DPA) Dissertations

Adrian Wallace, Ph.D. (December 2018). "Stakeholder perspectives: Implementation of local school wellness policies in the Kent intermediate school district."

Emma A. Powell, Ph.D. (April 2017). "Aligning National Nonprofit Expectations with Local Efforts to Serve the Mission."

Russell T. Panico, Ph.D. (December 2016). "An Analysis of Campus Violence Threat Assessment Policy Implementation at Michigan Community Colleges."

Kristin L. Poleski, Ph.D. (June 2016). "To Promote or Not to Promote: An Inquiry into the Experience of Female Police Officers and Their Decisions to Pursue Promotion."

Beth M. Beaudin-Seiler, Ph.D. (May 2015). "National Quality Awards in Healthcare and Actual Quality in U.S. Hospitals."

Khandaker N. Islam, Ph.D. (April 2014). "A Study on Generic Substitution Policy as a Cost."

Sylivia T. Juta, Ph.D. (April 2014). "The Growing Women’s Political Activism in Africa, 1990-2010:  An Explanatory Analysis of Institutions and Contexts."

Daryl D. Green, Ph.D. (December 2013). "Exploring Police Active Shooter Preparedness in Michigan:  A Grounded Study of Police Preparedness to Active Shooter Incidents, Developing a Normative Model."

Daniel L. Rundhaug, Ph.D. (December 2013). "Leadership Loss within Independently-Controlled Protestant Churches:  Protecting Against Leadership Turmoil and Turnover."

Kelly A. Trusty, Ph.D. (December 2013). "SIMO:  Modeling and Measuring the Relationships between Strategy, IT/Mission Alignment Maturity, and Nonprofit Organizational Outcomes."

Eileen L. Pierce, Ph.D. (August 2011). "Citizen-Informed Performance Measurement and Reporting in Local Government: Key Factors for Effective Democratic Governance."

Roselyn Zator, Ph.D. (August 2011). "Exploring Collaborative Governance: Case Studies of Disruptions in Coastal Zone Management Collaborations and Resulting Effects upon the Collaborations and Outcomes."

Randy Jay Baxter, Ph.D. (December 2010). "Applying Case Characteristics to Expand Outcome Measures and Strengthen Effectiveness in a State Family Preservation Services Program."

Jonathan Muterera, Ph.D. (April 2008). "The Relationship between Leadership Theory Behaviors, Follower Attitudes and Behaviors, and Organizational Performance in United States County Government."

Judith Brown Clarke, Ph.D. (December 2007). "Evaluating the Effectiveness and Benefit-Cost of the Michigan Background Check Program Using Crime Opportunity Theory."

Anna A. Filipova, Ph.D. (December 2007). "Perceived Organizational Support and Ethical Work Climates as Predictors of Turnover Intention of Licensed Nurses in Skilled Nursing Facilities."

Mark Steven Reece, Ph.D. (December 2007). "Economic Impacts of Casino Gambling on Rural Michigan Communities."

David L. Rich, DPA (December 2007). "A Heuristic Study of the Decision to Privatize Local Government Services."

Gregg G. Guetschow, Ph.D. (August 2007). "Coordination, Collaboration, and Culture: Local Economic Development in a Time of Networks."

Gerald L. Zandstra, Ph.D. (August 2007). "Public Administration Theory and Views of the Human Person."

Amy Sue DeSonia, Ph.D. (June 2007). "An Evaluative Model for Incorporating Diversity Training into Teacher Preparation."

Michael Bennett Amspaugh, DPA (December 2006). "Results of Early Implementation of Government Accounting Standards Board Statement No. 34 in 15 Ohio Public School Districts."

Raymond J. Higbea, Ph.D. (December 2006). "Nongovernmental Program Replication and Implementation: What Can Community-Based Programs to Support the Uninsured Learn from Other Communities?"

Peter Kiiru Kariuki, Ph.D. (December 2006). "The Challenges of Implementing Privatization Reform Program of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in Kenya 1979 to 2002."

Craig Korpela, Ph.D. (December 2006). "The Cover-Up is More Damaging than the Sin: Sexual Scandals at the Cabinet and Sub-Cabinet Levels."

James J. Walters, Ph.D. (December 2006). "Funding Michigan K-12 Education Adequacy without Rewarding Inefficiency."

Anne Julie Hacker, Ph.D. (August 2006). "Unintended Consequences in Public Policy: Formulation and Implementation of Michigan's Safe Delivery of Newborns Law."

Robert J. Sobie, Ph.D. (June 2006). "Electronic Government Accessibility for People with Blindness or Low Vision Who Utilize Assistive Computer Technology."

Anne G. Zahradnik, Ph.D. (June 2006). "Providing Uninsured Adults with Free or Low-Cost Primary Care: Does it Influence their Use of Hospital Emergency Departments?"

Susanne F. Homant, DPA (April 2006). "The War on Drugs V. the War on Pain: Do Controlled Prescribing Laws Have a Role?"

Robert G. Muladore, Ph.D. (April 2006). "Implementing Community Policing Successfully: An Analysis of the Degree of Police Engagement with the Philosophy and Practice of Community Policing."

Alee A. Sleymann, Ph.D. (April 2006). "A Study on Perceptions of Civil Engineers Regarding Mandatory Continuing Education."

Duane Terpstra, DPA (December 2005). "Job Perceptions Within Campus Law Enforcement."

Jianfeng Wang, Ph.D. (August 2005). "An Empirical Study of Fiscal Decentralization of Local Governments in China."

Richard A. Ketrow, Ph.D. (June 2005). "A Leadership Model for Roman Catholic Social Service Agencies."

Kenneth John Schilling, DPA (June 2005). "The One-Stop Permit and Plan Review Center: Three Case Studies."

Ruby Miranda Meriweather, DPA (April 2005). "Factors Affecting Treatment Program Development in a Mental Health Facility Serving Prisoners."

Cheryl Kay Sibilsky-Soule, Ph.D. (April 2005). "Collaboration through Partnerships: A Review of Six Michigan Communities."

Alexander Rayssan Dawoody, Ph.D. (December 2004). "U.S. Policy Toward Iraq Within the Context of Complexity Theories

Pamela Sue Meserve Erbisch, DPA (December 2004). "Management Style, Organizational Climate, and Organizational Performance in a Public Mental Health Agency: An Integral Model."

Doty Latuszek, Ph.D. (December 2004). "Effectiveness of Teaching Modalities for Pre-College Level Mathematics Course."

John Nathaniel Vinson, Ph.D. (December 2004). "Leadership Competency Needs of Future U.S. Campus Law Enforcement Administrators."

Damita Jo Zweiback, DPA (December 2004). "The Relationship Between Locus of Control and Nutrition Health Status Among Adult WIC Participants."

Saleh Abdel Rahman Ahmed, Ph.D. (August 2004). "From Violence-Prone to Violence-Prepared Organizations: Assessing the Role of Human Resources Management in Preventing Workplace Violence in American City Governments."

Carol Marie Sundberg, Ph.D. (August 2004). "Examining the Meaning and Experience of Self-Determination and Its Impact on Quality of Life for Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities."

Timothy J. Kangas, Ph.D. (June 2004). "Child Welfare and Devolving Federalism: An Analysis of the Effects of Federal Funding Schemes on Selected Child Welfare Outcomes in Michigan."

Terry Lee Fisk, DPA (April 2004). "A Comparative Study of Factors Related to Adoption, Management, and Impact of Police Consolidation and Amalgamation in Norfolk County, England and Kent and Ottawa Counties, Michigan, United States."

Christine M. Wallace, Ph.D. (April 2004). "The Theory of Transpersonal Leadership: A Grounded Theory S."