Semester and session schedules

Master of Public Administration and doctoral course schedules for the School of Public Affairs and Administration at Western Michigan University are available for the current and following semester.

Spring 2020 (tentative)

PADM course schedule (updated December 10, 2019)

Summer 2020 (tentative)

PADM course schedule (updated January 9, 2020)

Multiyear course plans

Because course offerings change, please consult the multiyear course plans for courses beyond the next semester offered.

Course scheduling

You are strongly encouraged to use the multiyear course plan to develop individualized plans of study that outline the semesters and sessions during which each of the courses will be undertaken. By developing individualized plans, you will minimize the amount of time and driving for completing all M.P.A. program requirements.

Individualized course plan guidelines

Taken early in the program

  • PADM 6000: Legal and Philosophical Foundations of American Public Administration
  • PADM 6180: The Political and Economic Environment of Public Administration
  • PADM 6070: Quantitative Data Analysis

Taken toward the end of the program

  • Concentration Elective Courses
  • PADM 6800: Project Paper Seminar (after completing at least 30 credit hours of M.P.A. courses and PADM 6060)
  • PADM 7120: Professional Field Experience/Internship (pre-career students will take this course after completing at least 20 credit hours of M.P.A. coursework)

In order to avoid any unwanted surprises during the graduation audit process, all individualized course plans should be approved by an M.P.A. advisor.