Articulation Information

Western Michigan University partners with the following institutions to make articulation information available as transfer guides and articulation agreements.

Transfer guides

A transfer guide is a listing of community college courses that meet specific course requirements of a program at the University. Guides of courses that meet WMU's general education requirements and transfer guides for popular WMU majors are available from the Transfer Credit page. 

Articulation agreements

Articulation agreements are formal, written documents agreed upon by two or more institutions. In comparison to traditional transfer program guides, articulation agreements may include: a value-added component that allows additional transfer credits; an enhanced number of quality learning options; and unique student-centered options (e.g., waiver of certain requirements, added student support services, etc.). Information about the following agreements is available from the colleges listed below, the WMU Office of Admissions (domestic), or the Haenicke Institute (international).

If you are interested in creating a new articulation agreement, please complete our articulation intent form. You may also contact Colin Scott at 269-387-3532 or by email at and he will assist.


Alpena Community College

Aquinas College

College of DuPage

  • Institutional Agreement (2020)
  • Honors Program Transfer Agreement (2015)
  • Interdisciplinary Health Services (2016)

Delta College

Glen Oaks Community College

Grand Rapids Community College

Henry Ford College

Ivy Tech Community College

  • Institutional Agreement (2020)
  • Aviation Flight Science (2014)

Jackson College

Kalamazoo Valley Community College

  • Business Administration (2015)
  • Engineering Design Technology (2016)
  • Engineering Management Technology (2016)
  • Food Service Administration (2016)
  • Manufacturing Engineering Technology (2016)
  • RN-BSN Completion Program (2016)
  • Sustainable Brewing (2016)

Kellogg Community College

  • Institutional Agreement (2018)
  • Aerospace Engineering (2018)
  • Biomedical Science (2018)
  • Business (2018)
  • Civil Engineering (2018)
  • Early Childhood Elementary Education (2018)
  • Economics (BS) (2018)
  • Economics (BA), History Minor (2018)
  • Economics (BA), Philosophy Minor (2018)
  • Economics (BA), Political Science (2018)
  • Elementary Education (2018)
  • Joint Admission Engineering Program (2010)
  • Joint Admission Aviation Program (2010)
  • Mechanical Engineering (2018)
  • Nursing (2018)
  • Psychology (2018)
  • Public Health (2022)
  • Social Work (2022)
  • Special Education and Elementary Education K-12

Kirtland Community College

Lake Michigan College

  • Early Childhood Elementary Education (2016)
  • Elementary Education (2016)
  • Manufacturing Engineering (2007)
  • Public Health (2022)

Lansing Community College 

  • Institutional Agreement (2022)
  • Aviation Flight Science (2013)
  • Aviation Maintenance Technology (2010)
  • Child Development (2010)
  • Elementary Education (2015)
  • Public Health (2022)

Macomb Community College

MIAT College of Technology

  • Aviation Maintenance Technology (2013)

Mott Community College

Muskegon Community College

  • Engineering Design Technology (2015)
  • Engineering Management Technology (2015)
  • Joint Admission Engineering Program (2010)
  • Joint Admission Engineering Program (2010)
  • Manufacturing Engineering Technology (2015)

Northwestern Michigan College

  • Freshwater Science and Sustainability (2014)

Oakland Community College

Parkland College (Illinois)

  • Aviation Management and Operations (2016)

School of Missionary Aviation Technology

  • Aviation Maintenance Technology (2013)

Southwestern Michigan College

St. Clair County Community College

  • Institutional Agreement (2022)
  • Nursing (coming fall 2022)
  • Public Health (2022)
  • Social Work (coming fall 2022)

Washtenaw Community College

  • Institutional Agreement (2020)

Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) -- general education

Students who began their community college studies during the fall 2014 semester or later are able to complete the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA). WMU honors this agreement, which meets the lower-level general education requirements at WMU, for all of the Michigan community colleges. 

MACRAO Transfer Agreement -- general education

Students who began their community college studies prior to fall 2014 are able to complete the existing MACRAO Agreement at participating colleges until the end of summer 2019. Irrespective of time, Western Michigan University will continue to honor the MACRAO Agreement whenever a student’s transcript shows that the MACRAO Agreement was previously satisfied. Institutions participating in the MACRAO agreement are: Alpena Community College, Bay de Noc Community College, Delta College, Glen Oaks Community College, Gogebic Community College, Grand Rapids Community College, Henry Ford College, Jackson College, Kellogg Community College, Kirtland Community College, Lake Michigan College, Lansing Community College, Macomb Community College, Mid Michigan Community College, Monroe County Community College, Montcalm Community College, Mott Community College, Muskegon Community College, North Central Michigan College, Northwestern Michigan College, Oakland Community College, St Clair County Community College, Schoolcraft College, Southwestern Michigan College, Washtenaw Community College, Wayne County Community College District, and West Shore Community College. 


International articulation agreements


General Education

  • American College of Dubai (Dubai, U.A.E.)
  • Instituto Tecnologico de Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)

  • Universidad Iberoamericana (Dominican Republic) 

  • Christ University (India)

  •  Rajagiri Business School (India) 

  • Dong A University (South Korea)

  • Hubei University (China) 

  • Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University (China) 

  • National Chung Cheng University (Taiwan) 

  • HELP University (Malaysia) 

  • KDU University College (Malaysia) 

  • INTI Universal Holdings (Malaysia) 

  • Jakarta International College (Indonesia)