Specialized Program Accreditation


Specialized program accreditation standards and compliance vary greatly from agency to agency. WMU currently maintains relationships with 28 academic program and facilities accreditation agencies, each with its own set of requirements and accreditation cycles. These accreditations are vital elements in maintaining WMU’s regional (HLC) accreditation, as well as important recruitment/retention and strategic planning allies. See all of our fast facts below:

WMU Accreditation Fast Facts

The disclosure of the status of each of WMU's accredited programs, certification, and licensures can be found below.

Accredited Program Status Disclosures

In compliance with WMU and HLC policies, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness works with departments to ensure that all academic programs for which specialized program accreditation is either required or provides benefits to program stakeholders secure and maintain accreditation.

Policies and Procedures Guide