Specialized Program Accreditation Fast Facts

WMU Accreditation Fast Facts

Specialized Program and Facilities Accreditation

  • WMU maintains a relationship with 28 accrediting agencies (i.e., 24 specialized program, four facilities)
  • All seven academic colleges offer accredited degree-granting and non-degree-granting programs
  • 132 degree-granting programs are accredited at WMU (i.e., 130 programs remain in good standing with their accrediting agencies; two programs are currently on probation)
  • Two non-degree granting programs are accredited (i.e., CELCIS, graduate-level dietetics internship)
  • Four agencies accredit WMU facilities (i.e., Sindecuse Health Center, SHC Laboratory and Radiology departments, WMU Behavioral Health Services, WMU Center for Disability Services, WMU Landscape Services)
  • Two facilities are accredited to provide students with training and supervision in their fields of study (i.e., Sindecuse Health Center, SHC Laboratory and Radiology departments)

Specialized Program and Facilities Certification and Licensure

  • Intercollegiate Athletics is certified by the NCAA as a Division I institution
  • Western Michigan University is certified for metalcasting by the Foundry Educational Foundation
  • The College of Aviation holds two FAA certificates and one MDOT license