Quality Initiative


As part of the accreditation requirements set by HLC for universities on the Open Pathway, a large-scale quality initiative is required between years five and nine of the decennial accreditation cycle. For WMU's quality initiative, to be completed in anticipation of the 2020 accreditation reaffirmation, the WMU Signature Program was selected.

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The WMU Signature Program offers each undergraduate and graduate student a personalized pathway to become learning-centered, discovery-driven, and globally engaged.


To provide a meaningful and reflective framework that inspires students to intentionally integrate, synthesize, and articulate their unique WMU experience.

Graphic depicting two workflows. Pilot Program 2016-17: Enroll students in Pilot Project and then Evaluate Pilot Program results and use to make changes for 2017-18; then, a Launch Preparation for 2017-18 workflow showing: Determine how and where to promote Signature to new and current students, and Develop marketing materials.

Pilot Program

The Pilot will focus on developing the pathways, processes, and procedures for students to begin and complete their Signature. It will also focus on the use of the Campuslabs technology; the role of faculty, staff and community members in guiding students; tracking and validation; and developing an assessment plan to track learning outcomes and program effectiveness.

There will be 100 to 150 students in the pilot, including FTIACs, contemporary students, graduate students, International students, Extended University Program students, transfer students and students from all colleges and pre-professional programs. Participants will be asked to provide suggestions for improvements and changes to make the 2017-18 campus-wide launch successful.

WMU Signature Program