Four Areas of Knowledge

Four areas of knowledge

The four areas of knowledge include self-knowledge, academic knowledge, occupational knowledge and decision-making knowledge. Utilizing these four areas will help students with the decision-making process for deciding a major.

Academic knowledge

Acquire information about educational programs, majors, academic skills development and curricula using:

Decision-making knowledge

Mindtools offers a variety of techniques to improve student’s decision-making skills and helps answer the following:        

  • How to make decisions?
  • How good is your decision making?
  • How to choose between options
  • How ethics and values impact decisions?
  • How groups make decisions?


U.S Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook provides career information on duties, education and training, pay and outlook for hundreds of professions.

Career and student employment services will assist in answering questions about specific majors like:

  • What can I do with this major?
  • Where do graduates with my major work?
  • How are alums using their degree?
  • What are the future outlooks for industries? 


Career and Student Employment Services will help increase your self-knowledge of personal interests, abilities and values through accessing career tools and resources to explore: 

  • Career options
  • Gaining experience
  • Finding a job
  • Meeting employers
  • Resumes
  • Interviewing
  • Identity-based career resources 
  • Career Management 

Career counseling provides assessment using the IMPCATeX Navigator to identify:

  • Personality profiles that mirror work values
  • Interest and achievement profiles to map out ideal work locations 
  • A connection between who you are with career choices

Ask about Career Exploration and Development (UNIV 1020), a course offered on campus to start on your career path.