• Student is seen engaging in a conversation with our Master Plan project team at the Student Center. On the right you can see a board with a large #1 in the middle and yellow notes posted around it. At the top of the board it says "Planning for the Future of Your Campus...What is one big thing you want to see improved in the future?" You can see the gathering stairs seating area behind the two individuals.

    Campus Master Plan 2025 and Beyond

    Help us plan for the future. This is Western Michigan University's first campus master plan in 20 years.

  • Two service center employees sit behind a curved blue counter that has a sign on it saying "If you need assistance, please ring the bell!" The counter also has a stuffed horse, bell and mini-plunger on it next to the sign. The two employees are wearing yellow shirts. There are cabinets, plants and other computers in the background.

    FM Service Center

    For assistance, call (269) 387-8514 or submit a Bronco Fix-It to be processed Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • Ground floor of Waldo Library shown, which a stack of books on the right, some chairs by a table to the left and work stations seen in the distance. The carpeting is various colors of grey with larger yellow stripes down the front portion.

    Bronco Project Request

    Start a project by completing and submitting the Bronco Project Request Form to have your project request placed in the system.

  • The front of Dunbar Hall is seen behind a construction fence that has photos of students at WMU wrapped around it. People are seen walking in front of it all on the sidewalk, with visible snow on the ground.

    Ongoing Capital Projects

    Construction continues on Dunbar Hall Renovation and Hilltop Village Parking Structure, Loop Road Extension and Pedestrian Pathways projects.

  • Many people in graduation regalia sitting in auditorium seats.

    Facility Event Services

    Submit an Event Request form to receive facility services for your campus event.

Creating a Home for Campus

Facilities Management strives to create a home for all students, faculty and staff at Western Michigan University.  It is our mission to support and maintain the foundation of our University in order to foster the education of our future.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 8.25 million square feet of University space

  • 1270 acres

  • 49 miles of utilities

  • 39 miles of sidewalk



Facilities Connection Issue 10

May 23

  • Making a Difference Award Recipients
  • Tree Campus and Arbor Day Celebrations

Facilities Connection Issue 9

 April 3

  • Dunbar Hall re-opening
  • Campus Master Plan
  • Student Employee Appreciation Week

Facilities Connection Issue 8

February 2

  • Seita Scholars holiday dinner sponsored by AFSCME
  • Revel & Roll: Employee appreciation event