Hydrogeology Field Course Registration

To be considered for the Hydrogeology Field Course (HFC) at Western Michigan University, all applicants must familiarize themselves with the registration process. Once all required materials have been assembled, a hard-copy of the HFC registration packet should then be mailed to the HFC director at the address listed below. External applications from students and professionals not already currently enrolled at WMU are welcome. Registration for the HFC is a two-step process that includes both applying to WMU if you are not already currently enrolled as a WMU student and applying to the HFC

Registration for 2024 will begin on January 1, 2024 

Who should apply

  • The Hydrogeology Field Course is structured for students seeking undergraduate or graduate credits and exposure to applied hydrogeology techniques, as well as professionals who wish to expand their practical knowledge and experience in hydrogeological field techniques.
  • Enrollment is limited to upper division undergraduate students, graduate students or professionals with the proper credentials.
  • A formal college-level course in hydrogeology or equivalent is required of all participants.
    • Usually a 3-credit course in hydrogeology or a sound background in hydrogeology obtained via professional experience is satisfactory.
    • In special cases acceptance may be granted with consultation and consent of the hydrogeology field course director.
  • The Hydrogeology Field Course is particularly designed for students and professionals majoring or working in disciplines of geology, hydrogeology and environmental science.
  • In addition to our Hydrogeology Field Course, the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences at WMU also offers a Certificate Program in Hydrogeology.

HFC Registration—2024

Registration for the HFC will begin on Jan. 1, 2024 and remain open until full. Those persons wishing to apply earlier than Jan 1, 2024 may do so, but applications will not begin to be reviewed and processed until that date. The courses usually fill up quickly so the earlier you complete your registration the better chance you will have of securing a spot in the course. Enrollment is limited to qualified applicants with preference to those whom apply first and/or apply for multiple weeks. Places will be filled in the order in which registration fees and completed applications are received. 

In order to attend the HFC, one must apply to WMU admissions and also apply to the HFC. These are two separate applications that can be done at the same time but go to two different places.  The application to WMU will need to be submitted to WMU admissions and the HFC application gets mailed hard copy to the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences C/O: Tom Howe, HFC Director. Please see below on how to apply. 

  • Application to WMU: Registration for non-WMU students includes completion of an application for admission to Western Michigan University. Check with your university to determine your best option. Applications can be completed online and must be submitted to the WMU admissions office as specified via the links below, not to Tom Howe or the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences.

Application to the HFC: 

Summer 2024 HFC application

  • Unofficial College Transcripts: All applicants must submit an unofficial copy of their college transcripts with their application/registration form. To be eligible for the HFC, the unofficial transcripts must show current enrollment in or satisfactory completion of a formal course in hydrogeology. If your transcript does not show that you have taken the prerequisite introductory course in hydrogeology then please provide 2 professional letters of recommendation demonstrating your competence in the field of environmental science and/or hydrogeology.
  • Reservation Deposit: Include a check for the reservation deposit ($100 per week—see Tuition and Fees), payable to Western Michigan University.
  • OSHA 40-hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) Certification: Applicants who will not be enrolling in GEOS 5230 - Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) are required to email (thomas.r.howe@wmich.edu) or include by mail a copy of their current HAZWOPER certification (and your most recent update, if applicable).

Once all the above registration materials (HFC application, unofficial transcripts and reservation fees) have been completed, mail hard copies of all documents (except application to WMU) to:
C/O: Thomas Howe
Hydrogeology Field Course
Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences
1903 West Michigan Ave
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5241 USA

Selection criteria

  • Enrollment is limited to qualified students with preference to those who apply first and/or apply for multiple weeks of the HFC.
  • Places in each week are available to professionals and non-WMU students and will be filled in the order in which registration fees and completed applications are received.


All applicants will be informed of their admission decision within two to four weeks after their application is received.

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