Undergraduate Programs

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Application requirements

Western Michigan University asks all students to complete an online application. International applicants will need the following to successfully complete this application: 

  1. Copy of passport identification page
  2. Proof of English language proficiency*
  3. Transcripts from all secondary and post-secondary schools attended or are attending, including diplomas, examination results, mark sheets and certificates* 
  4. $100 non-refundable application fee
  5. Proof of sufficient funds for the first academic year of study at WMU according to estimated cost of attendance

*Official documents are those sent directly to International Admissions and Services from the issuing institution or testing agency. Hand-carried transcripts will be accepted if in a sealed envelope from the institution. Documents sent by the student cannot be accepted as official.

If any documents are not issued in English, also provide an official English translation of each document. 

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Costs and Scholarships

Cost of Attendance 

The tuition rates for Western Michigan University are set by the Board of Trustees each July for the following academic year. Current tuition and fee rates are available through the WMU Registrar's Office. Note that aviation flight science should expect additional flight fees

For immigration purposes, international students must provide proof of sufficient funds for the first academic year of study at WMU based on an estimated calculation of the total cost of attendance which includes tuition, fees and living expenses.

Information on Exchange Visitor Program Eligibility

 Effective Spring 2020 enrollment semester, initial application requests for Forms DS-2019 for J-1 academic student category may be issued based on the following eligibility criteria, provided all other requirements for international admission are met:

  • Program is carried out pursuant to a written agreement between WMU and a foreign academic institution or foreign government;
  • Program or student is financed by the US government, student's home country government or qualifying international organization pursuant to federal regulations; or
  • Student is supported substantially by funding from any source other than personal or family funds, which must be at least 50 percent of funding for the entire program at the time of application.

For current enrolled WMU J-1 students who are matriculating between levels: WMU J-1 students matriculating between levels may be eligible for a Form DS-2019 to continue studies with proof of WMU full assistantship/associateship for at least one year of funding with possibility of renewal, provided all other eligibility requirements are met. The Form DS-2019 will be noted accordingly. Additional proof of funding required for dependents.


A scholarship is an award of financial aid for a student to further their education and can be awarded upon various criteria that might include academic merit and demonstration of financial need. The Western Michigan University Haenicke Institute for Global Education offers a merit-based award to international students who meet the selection criteria. Some scholarships are also offered through Western Michigan University academic departments and have various application times and deadlines. 

Learn more about scholarships 

Proof of Sufficient Funds 

For immigration purposes, international students must provide proof of sufficient funds for the first academic year of study at WMU according to the following estimated costs of attendance which includes estimates on tuition, fees and living expenses for the fall and spring semesters. Note that the College of Engineering, the College of Fine Arts and the Haworth College of Business have differential tuition rates.

Proof of sufficient funds estimated cost chart: 2021-2022 (actual costs will vary)
    Regular Admission College of Engineering
and Applied Sciences
College of Fine Arts Haworth College of Business
Dual Enrollment Pathway Program (ESL (CELCIS) + university coursework) Tuition and fees $19,824 $20,417 $24,272 $22,095
Living expenses* $13,416 $13,416 $13,416 $13,416
Total (one academic year) $33,240 $33,833 $37,688 $35,511
Up to 55 credits   
Tuition and fees  $18,268 $19,736  $20,250  $18,268
Living expenses*  $13,416  $13,416  $13,416  $13,416
Total (one academic year)  $31,684  $33,152  $33,666  $31,684
56 or more credits   
Tuition and fees  $19,885  $21,353  $21,867  $21,471
Living expenses*  $13,416  $13,416  $13,416  $13,416
Total (one academic year)  $33,301  $34,769  $35,283  $34,887

*Living expenses account for room and board, books and supplies and medical insurance. 

The figures above are calculated estimates for immigration purposes only. For an individual estimate of expected cost of attendance, visit the WMU Registrar's Office

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Deadlines to apply

 Application deadlines vary by semester and term dates. 

Undergraduate Application Deadlines
Semester Deadline Term Begins
Fall June 15 Early September
Spring October 15
Early January
Summer March 15 Early May

The WMU application system will not accept late submissions. If your application deadline has passed, you may email oiss-info@wmich.edu. We cannot guarantee late-admission to the desired semester but we will do our best to process the application.

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Transfer to WMU

Credit Equivalencies 

Western Michigan University students who have completed university-level academic credit at another institution may be able to apply some of those credits toward a WMU degree. Third party transcript evaluation reports, such as from WES, are not a required or acceptable form of credentials for WMU admission purposes. Original transcripts are evaluated in our office by our admissions staff.

Credit equivalencies for select partner instutions are available. 

Credit Equivalencies 

Guidelines for Transfer Credits  

The following are WMU's basic guidelines regarding transfer of credits. 

  • Credit evaluations will not be processed until a student has been admitted to WMU.
  • Transfer credits will only be considered for institutions reported on your admission application.
  • Credit evaluations are only conducted for undergraduate students; graduate-level students must meet with applicable academic advisors to request transfer credits. 
  • The International Admissions and Services office must receive an official transcript (original transcript) before a credit evaluation can be requested. Note: Photocopies of official transcripts, faxed copies of official transcripts or scanned copies of official transcripts are not considered official. 
  • Official transcripts received from an institution outside of the United States must include an English translation.
  • If the attended institution from which a student wishes to have credits transferred is outside the U.S., the international institution must be recognized by the country's Ministry of Higher Education or equivalent government agency.
  • Normal processing time for a credit evaluation is at least 10 business days. 
  • For the evaluation of some transfer courses, it may be necessary for students to provide detailed course descriptions and syllabus. 

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Study as a Guest Student

Undergraduates who are currently attending other colleges or universities may apply for "guest" student status at Western Michigan University. WMU offers a variety of courses to help guest students complete degree programs at their primary institutions. 

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