3D Printing COVID-19 Resources

Learn more about the faculty and staff 3D printed face shields for healthcare workers. This includes resources on how you can help and how you can print them.

Western Herald 2FA Article

Western Herald Reports on 2FA

Required use of two-factor authentication (2FA) for currently enrolled students went live yesterday. Check out a great article the Western Herald published highlighting the work the Office of Information Technology did to bring two-factor authentication to students this year. 

Note and WiFi Icons

Can I share music and movies?

Western Michigan University values the exchange of ideas and respects the intellectual work and property of others. Consistent with these values, WMU does not tolerate or condone plagiarism or copyright violations. All WMU students, faculty, staff and any other users of WMU computing systems and networks are required to abide by the copyright laws of the United States and the computing and network policies of Western Michigan University. It is almost always illegal to use file sharing software, or other means, to download copyrighted music, movies and videos, without the express permission of the owners of those. Copying and distributing copyrighted software is also illegal unless permission has been granted by the copyright owner. Read more about sharing music and movies.