Cultural Norms

As we work to envision and shape the future by leveraging the incredible and diverse expertise, knowledge, and perspectives of each member of the IT team, we have established a set of norms to guide how we interact amongst ourselves and with our stakeholders and constituents. These norms represent behaviors, actions, and will embody to maintain a healthy, high-functioning unit while simultaneously expressing our deep desire to partner and collaborate with members of the community, proactively seek and implement solutions, support each other, and, most importantly, foster a positive, productive, and fun work environment.

  • Future Forward

    We acknowledge, accept, and learn from the past, but we leave it there as we look to the future with optimism, positivity, and possibility.

  • Pathways to Yes

    We choose to use a productive, can-do mindset. We strive to say “yes” whenever possible. When it is not possible to say “yes,” we offer a rationale, an alternative solution, and a timeframe.

  • Accountability

    We continuously practice our norms and hold ourselves accountable. We actively discourage and call out actions that run counter to the norms.

  • The Team

    We operate and present ourselves as a unified team. We seek solutions together through healthy and productive discourse. We share and celebrate our collective successes. We discuss and learn from our mistakes. We lift each other up.

  • Effective Solutions

    We provide more effective and efficient solutions when we work together as a team. When working towards a solution, we actively seek out and incorporate the diverse perspectives, expertise, and creative ideas from the team.

  • Unified Approaches

    We work with our constituents to prototype, refine, and uniformly practice the solutions we seek to propose and extend. We strive for an IT environment that is effective, secure, and sustainable.

  • We Can Help

    We establish and nurture strong relationships with stakeholders through consistent quality, reliability, and open communication. Stakeholders and colleagues recognize the value we deliver along with the multiple methods through which we can help.

  • Engagement

    We realize our strongest advocates are our partners and constituents, and we seek to engage with our counterparts across campus to share and apply our knowledge and resources. We continuously strive to build trust with the WMU community and share the importance and ubiquitous nature of the services and solutions we provide.

  • Follow-through

    The knowledge and skills we possess, both individually and collectively, hold immense value for our organization. We proactively respond to the needs of our team members and stakeholders, diligently following through on inquiries, completing assignments promptly, and fulfilling commitments. By doing so, we consistently reinforce our reputation as reliable partners and effective change agents.

Need help?

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) offers a wide variety of information and instructional technology-related services to students, faculty, and staff. These services include online collaboration tools, two-factor authentication, classroom technology, email, network connectivity, online information security education, and more.