Rules, Guidelines and Procedures

The policy and communications unit of information technology facilitates the development of information technology policies, rules, guidelines and procedures. The unit participates with the campus security committee as well as other University constituents to develop, implement and maintain University-level IT policies and works to educate the campus community on matters of policy, law, and best practices when accessing and using electronic data. Comments regarding the material found in the categories defined below should be directed to

Document definitions

Policy: A document that communicates compliance in matters as they pertain to the University's data and computing assets. IT policies are initiated by the campus information security committee or brought forth by other constituents of the University community. Policies are intended to be dynamic and require annual review in order to maintain relevance with best practices.

Rule: Similar to a policy but intended to describe the operations, definitions, and constraints of the use of computing resources.

Guidelines: Recommended actions and operational guides for users of systems and resources. Guidelines are created collaboratively with subject matter experts from various computing support units throughout the University. Guidelines incorporate best practices.

Procedures: Tasks that should be performed to achieve a desired outcome. Procedures can be created by central IT or departmental groups.


  • Copyright and Ethics
    Rules and best practices regarding legal use of information
  • Data Security
    Rules, policies and best practices regarding secure data
  • Email
    Rules and polices that govern use of email and email addresses at WMU
  • Identity Protection
    Information to help keep your digital identity secure
  • Miscellaneous
    Rules and policies to aid in adhering to computing resources best practices
  • Network and Internet
    Anti-virus and ethical use of network and computing resources
  • Web
    Policies and resource links for acceptable use of web resources and services