Rules for Computer Purchasing


The following rules apply to the purchase of university desktop, laptop, and tablet computers.


WMU contracts with computer hardware vendors to standardize, reduce costs, provide higher quality service, and create time, human resources, and technology efficiencies. A standardized purchase request submission and approval process will ensure high-quality customer service and streamlined delivery. Dealing with exceptions for requirements that are not available through approved vendors, such as research grants, is also addressed by this formal process. These rules and procedures were developed by the Technology Procurement and Standardization Committee and the university IT Community.

Rule Statements

  1. All computer and tablet purchase requests must be submitted and tracked using IT's Service Management process. This does not include orders solely for peripherals such as mice, keyboards, webcams, etc.
  2. Financial approval from the appropriate university funding source must be obtained in the IT Service Management request for all purchases.
  3. Applicable approval from Grants and Contracts must be documented within the applicable IT Service Management request.
  4. Purchase may only be conducted from approved vendors per university contractual agreements.
  5. Purchases must include standard, price-negotiated models per university contractual agreements. Exception requests must be submitted to the technology purchasing administration team in goWMU by unit IT support personnel for review and approval. 
  6. Technology devices and their implementation must comply with university technology policies, rules, guidelines, and procedures.

Approved manufacturers and Vendors

  • Dell Computers and tablets, through WMU's Dell Premier system
  • Apple Computers and tablets, through WMU's Apple for Education or CDW-G.
  • Other tablet manufacturers through CDW-G or approved source per University Purchasing.


IT personnel that fail to adhere to the rules may lose access to technology vendor purchasing portals.


·         University Computer or Technology Purchase Request

·         The University Computer Purchase Process for IT Staff

Document Action

Created by: The Office of Information Technology in collaboration with the Technology Procurement and Standardization Committee, Logistical Services, and the Chief Information Officer, Oct. 2020.