Connect to GoVPN Virtual Private Network

Posted by Lindsay Rogers on

Working on a virtual private network will help students, faculty, and staff work productively and securely from home. Students, faculty, and non-IT staff can remotely access campus services by connecting to Western Michigan University’s GoVPN Virtual Private Network (VPN). 

What is a VPN and how does it help me?

A VPN is a private network that creates a secure connection between your device and an external server, allowing users to browse the internet and access services that would otherwise be blocked. The University’s GoVPN virtual private network will connect its users to the university server and allow them to access campus services such as Remote Desktop, CMS, and departmental file shares.

Working on a virtual private network not only allows users easy access to their business network but also provides them with more online privacy and security. A virtual private network offers more anonymity by hiding your IP address, your online actions, and your location. A virtual private network will also heavily encrypt your online traffic containing data such as credit card information. It is highly recommended that users work on a virtual private network while using a public Wi-Fi network commonly offered in local stores.

To connect to the GoVPN Virtual Private Network, visit the GoVPN Virtual Private Network website and follow the instructions for your device.