Email External Sender Notification Activation April 18

Posted by Gary Barton on

On April 18, 2022, all messages received in your WMU owned email from external senders will indicate they were sent from outside of Western Michigan University. 

Why the change?

Protecting the WMU community from cyber threats is a top priority and this update will enhance our collective vigilance as we individually evaluate the legitimacy of emails. The notification will prompt users to consider the validity of messages as well as the links and attachments they contain.

How does this impact you?


On and after April 18, 2022, email messages sent from outside the domain will include the following message at the top of the message body: 

Attention: This email is from outside Western Michigan University. Use caution when opening links and attachments.

When you see this message, use discretion, and consider safe computing practices before opening attachments or clicking links. 


If you are responsible for sending email messages on behalf of the University using a third-party email platform like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and you have not been in touch with OIT to properly configure the system, please immediately reach out via goWMU.

The team is standing by to assist and ensure that messages are not inadvertently flagged as external.

Visit gowMU for updates.