February 2020 WMU News

WMU professor awarded for book that peels back the curtain on Fetzer's secret life

The Historical Society of Michigan has awarded Wilson with its highest honor—the State History Award—for his book, "John E. Fetzer and the Quest for the New Age," which follows the businessman's journey from Seventh-day Adventism to a quest for global spiritual transformation. It's Wilson's second such award, also winning in 2015 for his religious study of Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, the Battle Creek Sanitarium director who essentially invented breakfast cereal.

Final parking strategy set for Arcadia Flats

In response to input at recent public sessions, nearly 200 parking spaces will be added near the new Arcadia Flats student housing development when it opens in the fall. The additional spaces will be included in an expansion of Lot 24, which runs along Ring Road between the west end of Arcadia Loop and Moore Drive. Lot 23, which is currently being used for construction activities, will also transition back to student parking once the project wraps up.

Aerospace engineering alumna soaring at Boeing

Magreth Haji’s professional path was forged at Western Michigan University, where in-depth, practical courses taught by distinguished faculty, along with membership in key student organizations, prepared her for work as a propulsion engineer for The Boeing Company.

Undergrad experiences fuel alumna's passion for climate policy

Annalisa Wilder's experience with the Western Student Association and WMU Signature helped her find her passion in sustainability and climate policy. Now, she's putting that passion into action by conducting potentially life-saving climate change research for the United Nations.

WMU hosts area sixth-graders to show college life

For the 11th year in a row, students will get a firsthand look at college life and the opportunities available with a college education through a program called Bronco BUDS—Building Unique Dynamic Students.