Data, Video and Voice Networks Policy

Policy number12-07
Responsible officeInformation Technology
ClassificationBoard of Trustees-delegated Policy
Category12. Information Technology and Data Security

Statement of policy

OIT manages the video, voice and data networks and no other office on campus is authorized to do so.


The purpose of this rule is to ensure the integrity of the video, voice, and data communication systems on the WMU campuses.


This rule applies to the University’s Kalamazoo campus facilities (main campus, Parkview campus, and Oakland Drive campuses) and to the regional site facilities, except for those regional sites that obtain network services from another institution. These systems include the Ethernet network, which consists of the data ports, the wiring for the system, thousands of wireless access points and hundreds of network switches and routers necessary for the system to operate. It also includes the traditional and voice over-internet telephone system and the video system popularly known as EduCable


  • The Office of Information Technology is the office on campus that manages and owns the video, voice, and data networks. All changes to this system must be authorized by the Office of Information Technology and must be implemented by IT staff or by licensed contractors working under IT supervision.
  • No devices with multiple network interfaces may be connected to the network without advance approval from the Office of Information Technology. To obtain more information or request advance approval, open an IT service request. You will be taken to ITDirect and asked to login with your Bronco NetID and password.
  • No other office on campus is authorized to install new data ports, telephone jacks, or video connections.
  • No other office on campus may connect hubs, switches, routers or wireless access points to the network.
  • No other office on campus is authorized to change the location or configuration of any network equipment.
  • No other office on campus is authorized to run any wire or fiber connection to add new devices to the network, other than cable that connects directly to an already existing wall-mounted data port, telephone jack, or video jack.
  • No other office on campus may utilize information technology video, voice and data network services to subscribe to, or connect to, television services from an outside entity. All subscriptions and connections must be made through the Office of Information Technology.
  • Any office found to be in violation of this policy will be financially responsible for costs associated with their actions, including costs associated for repair or replacement of damaged equipment and costs for IT staff time spent on recovery. OIT will not be responsible for maintaining network connectivity for any devices installed in violation of this rule.


The video, voice, and data network is a highly complex system and it is essential that all components of the system work together. Only if this system is centrally managed and centrally owned can we have any assurance that all parts of the network are installed to code, are installed to University network standards, and are able to operate together. This policy is also necessary because the telecommunications budget at Western is self-supporting and all who use the network should share in the costs on the same basis.



Effective date of current versionJune 1, 2010
Date first adoptedJune 1, 2010
Revision history
Thursday, March 1, 2018 - 17:12 Approved: IT Executive Advisory Board and College Representatives; revised.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 - 17:14 Direction/Purpose: Chief information officer; Reviewed/Approved: IT leadership team

Thursday, July 1, 2010 - 17:15 Reviewed: President's senior leadership team
Proposed date of next reviewMarch 1, 2021