Research by Students

Graduate students in the School of Public Affairs and Administration work in a variety of research topics from public administration and policy. A list of recent M.P.A. capstone project paper and Ph.D. dissertation titles is provided below. Other research produced by students individually as well as in collaboration with other students and faculty is not listed here.

Recent and archived doctoral dissertation topics

Hussein N. N. Chalabi - "Developing a model to measure public sector knowledge management performance using the analytic network processing" (March 2022)

Christopher Surfus, Ph.D. - "Michigan municipal manager perceptions on LGBTQ+ inclusion: A narrative policy framework case study" (June 2021)

Ruth Bates-Hill, Ph.D. - "A study of communication practices between office and field-based personnel in home healthcare agencies" (May 2021)

Michael Mendenhall, Ph.D. - "Considerations for acquiring excess military equipment by police leaders" (May 2021)

Derik Van Baale, Ph.D. - "Ally or enemy: The impact of leadership on United States army combat veterans' deployment experiences who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan (August 2020)

Brandon Koch, Ph.D. - "Increasing odds: The impact of casino gaming size, location, and economic stream style on county revenue in Pennsylvania" (June 2020)

Burak Onur Tan, Ph.D. - "Food insecurity: A closer look at how households cope with food insecurity and how this phenomenon affects their overall health" (June 2020)

Mohammed Aljanahi, Ph.D. - "Leadership, satisfaction, commitment, and turnover intention in the UAE public sector" (December 2019)

Adel H. Aladlani, Ph.D. - "Governance and economic growth in the Arab world: Evidence from panel data analysis" (June 2019)

Li Cheng, Ph.D. - "Are we globalized? Transformative education and internationalization within NASPAA program" (April 2019)

Archived Doctoral dissertation topics

Recent M.P.A. project paper titles

Note: Transitioning from an anaytically-focused project papers into a reflective capstone portfolio

Spring 2022

Khin, Ei Po Po-Capstone Portfolio in Nonprofit Leadership and Administration.

Maniagasi, Clarita-Capstone Portfolio in Public Management.

Swedburg, Rachel J.-Capstone Portfolio in Nonprofit Leadership and Administration.

Tun, Aye Pyae Sone-Capstone Portfolio in Public Management.

Youngquist, Trevor-Capstone Portfolio in Public Management.

Fall 2021

Cole, Lydia-Capstone Portfolio in Nonprofit Leadership and Administration.

King, Lindsey-Capstone Portfolio in Nonprofit Leadership and Administration.

Kucharski, Bridget-"Impacts of evidence-based practice on the outcomes of children in therapeutic foster care."

Lanphear, Amanda-Capstone Portfolio in Human Resources Administration.

Nance, Rachel-"What impact have domestic politics had on the U.S. public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic?"

Summer 2021

Bamberg, Christopher-"Law enforcement and the public trust: Public administration and organizational change research and theory for police."

Jha, Bikash-"Assessing the F.A.A.'s policy on passenger rights."

Lorenz, Whitney-Capstone Portfolio in Nonprofit Leadership and Administration.

Lynn, Marcella-"Re-igniting interest in skilled trade careers."

Markham, David-Capstone Portfolio in Nonprofit Leadership and Administration.

Singleton, Charles-"Educator demographic and internalized stereotype impact on black students' education."

Singleton, John-"Marijuana disparities and African Americans."

Sokol, Lara-"United States healthcare policy, minorities, and COVID 19."

Sprangel, Timothy-Capstone Portfolio in Human Resources Administration.

Vincent, Caitlin-"Workforce transition and policies around natural gas, oils, and renewable energy sources."

Spring 2021

Bigelow, Samantha-Capstone Portfolio in Public Management

Cooke, Reina-"Assessing the F.A.A.'s policy on passenger rights."

Duckwall, Johanna-"An examination of training programs for dislocated workers in rural communities."

Hemphill, Stefon-"Addressing student debt."

Juarez, Scott-"Pandemic impacts on the construction industry."


Archived project paper list