Research by Students

Graduate students in the School of Public Affairs and Administration work in a variety of research topics from public administration and policy. A list of recent M.P.A. capstone project paper and Ph.D. dissertation titles is provided below. Other research produced by students individually as well as in collaboration with other students and faculty is not listed here.

Recent and archived doctoral dissertation topics

Adel H. Aladlani, Ph.D. - "Governance and economic growth in the Arab world: Evidence from panel data analysis" (June 2019)

Li Cheng, Ph.D. - "Are we globalized? Transformative education and internationalization within NASPAA program" (April 2019)

Adrian Wallace, Ph.D. - "Stakeholder perspectives: Implementation of local school wellness policies in the Kent intermediate school district" (December 2018)

Emma A. Powell, Ph.D. - "A corporate model: Aligning nonprofit expectations with regional/local efforts to serve the mission" (April 2017)

Russell T. Panico, Jr., Ph.D. - "An analysis of campus violence threat assessment policy implementation at Michigan community colleges" (December 2016)

Kristin L. Poleski, Ph.D. - "To promote or not to promote: An inquiry into the experience of female police officers and their decisions to pursue promotion" (June 2016)

Beth M. Beaudin-Seiler, Ph.D. - "National quality awards in healthcare and actual quality in U.S. hospitals." (May 2015)

Archived Doctoral dissertation topics

Recent M.P.A. project paper titles

Spring 2019

Amitiurna, Citra - "Inflation, exports, consumption expenditures and foreign direct investment on gross domestic products: A study in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapura, and Thailand 1998-2017."

Bidigare, Barbara - "Exploring the response of nonprofits to rage donations 2016-2018."

Bowden, Charles D. - "Departmental crisis: Employee retention."

Helm, Angela M. - "Government sustainability and productivity: Moving forward."

Hidayah, Noor - "Community satisfaction index 2016 research center for metallurgy and materials Indonesian Institute of Sciences (P2MM-LIPI)."

Nirmala, Reny - "Indonesia e-government development index (EGDI) and its comparison between south-eastern Asia sub-region of United Nations members."

Studely, Ryan E. - "Impact of multimember state legislative districts on race, gender, and partisanship."

Veech, Marta - "Prescription opioid growth rates in the state of Michigan: A ten-year analysis."

Zuzga, Eric F. - "Incorporation and annexation: Major decisions for Quincy (MI)"

Fall 2018

Bennett, Michael J. - "Evaluation and quality improvement of the intentional rounding program."

Kevil, Breanna - "Hidden consequences of childhood trauma."

Knowles, Haylee J. - "Assessing grit among past WMU students."

Patterson, Kelsey - "Bariatric surgery nutrition and fitness program design: Evaluation of a bariatric surgery medical weight management program in southwest Michigan."

Saleem, Saria - "The analysis of change in Mediacare spending per beneficiary score in relation to patient satisfaction and readmission rates."

Schroeder, Eric R. - "Paying for justice: A study of indigent defense in Michigan."

Springsteen, Kathleen K. - "Growing food on private property in residential districts: A content analysis of municipal ordinances in Kalamazoo and Van Buren counties."

Summer 2018

Burke, Brittany - "Reporting non-debilitating, physical injuries in U.S. military members."

Cardona, Jose Amado - "The impact of privatization on the education in the US."

Cretsinger, Marye - "Women, alcoholism, and AA: The effectiveness of Alcoholics Anonymous on women in Kalamazoo county."

Eagle, Mark A. - "Decades of the Randolph-Sheppard Program."

Hampton, Krista - "Food insecurity and pediatric obesity in Kalamazoo."

Juarez, Courtney - "Physician assistants and the opioid crisis."

Langois, Katlyn - "The prevalence of COPD and the associated readmission rates."

Lussier, Keith - "Acculturation strategies and needs of the URM population."

Mahoney, Ericka - "Mental health expenditures and the effect on violent criminal societal outcomes."

Patrick, Natasha J. - "Overutilization of emergency departments and potential causes of non-emergent visits in the United States."

Rogers, Christopher D. - " Gambling on satisfaction: The effects of casino funding of tribal governments on tribal government employee job satisfaction."

Turner, Marcus D. - "The effects the special alternative programing has on adult offenders within the department of corrections."

White, DeAnna - "Ingham County Youth Center: program analysis."

Wood, Emily - "The correlation between diabetes, socioeconomic status and education."

Archived project paper list