Housing, Dining and Student Center Planning

  • WMU Student Center

    The skylit heart acts as crossroads and informal gathering space within the Student Center that opened in 2023. This dramatic daylit space is wrapped in wood and houses private and semi-private meetings spaces while acting as a public meeting space itself. This inclusive design feature was emphasized with student input during design.

  • Student Center Dining

    The 650 seat state-of-the-art dining facility is wrapped in the iconic gold ‘fins’ and provides views of the main pedestrian pathway that runs east and west through campus.

  • Arcadia Flats

    Arcadia Flats opened in 2021 and is an innovative apartment-style housing complex in the center of campus for upper-level and graduate students.

  • Exterior of Valley Dining Center at night

    The Valley Dining Center positively impacts students living in the Valley residence halls and apartments.

  • Western Heights

    The Western Heights housing complex is designed to support student engagement, retention and degree completion through its innovative use of graduated levels of community.

Plan Overview

The housing, dining and student center master planning is a compilation of WMU and higher education data, statistics and discussions as part of an Integrated Planning and Budgeting philosophy that can influence the vision and program for a student-centered housing and dining network on campus.

In 2012, a master plan was established for all housing and dining facilities (HDMP) on campus through 2045. The HDMP has served as a guide for the many housing and dining capital projects and improvements at WMU and is meant to be used and adapted in conjunction with University strategic planning and priorities. 

Living on campus is the best way for new and returning Western Michigan University students to become engaged in college life, form diverse social networks and easily participate in academic activities and learning opportunities. By establishing strong social and academic connections, campus residents are more likely to develop a sense of belonging and achieve their educational goals.

With the addition of the new Student Center in 2023, the on campus experience was greatly enhanced through its innovative design that includes an array of diverse spaces and customer-oriented retail options, intentionally focused on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. Spaces that encourage social engagement and co-curricular activities help connect the lines between the classroom, campus living and student life.

New Valley Residence Hall

On January 11, 2024, WMU announced the initiation of a new valley residence hall to be constructed in the space referred to as “Valley 3”. The Valley 3 residence hall complex was constructed in 1965 and currently consists of Harrison, Stinson, Eldridge and Fox residence halls along with the previous Valley 3 Dining Center and was constructed in 1965. 

The existing building will be demolished, and a new structure constructed in its place. The project is focused on first-year students and will consist of single and double-occupancy rooms.  Shared common areas for residents to gather should be included, to facilitate and create multiple levels of community and engagement.

The first step is to work on programming and conceptual planning for a new residence hall. This phase will include student input.  Announcements for focus groups and other opportunities for student input will be made available during the spring 2024 semester. Students are highly encouraged to participate in these discussions.

Henry Hall

Henry Hall is centrally located next to Sangren Hall and adjacent to the new Student Center. After being closed during the pandemic, we are pleased to reopen Henry Hall in the Fall 2024 semester. The interior of the building is currently undergoing a refresh before both new and returning students occupy it this coming Fall.

  • Artist rendering of Henry Hall

  • Artist rendering of Henry Hall

  • Artist rendering of Henry Hall

  • Artist rendering of Henry Hall

Recent Accomplishments

Hilltop Village

Recruitment and retention in Hilltop Village continues to be an overarching goal for master planning. Options that will provide a broader scope of choices for all WMU students in supportive living environments are under development.

New Housing

The opening of the newest WMU housing complex, Arcadia Flats, will be delayed due to construction restrictions put in place by the state of Michigan during the COVID-19 pandemic. The innovative apartment-style housing will offer multiple living styles for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students.

New Student Center

The distinctive new Student Center will be a diverse central gathering point for the entire campus community with a mosaic of interconnected spaces and customer-oriented retail options. The facility includes a host of student-focused amenities and a full-service dining center on the third floor.

New Dining

Located in the Student Center, new Dining retail and food service operations will provide a variety of options, service styles and seating choices in a welcoming and inclusive environment. The third floor residential dining center will come online during phase two of opening.

For additional information about projects planned for Hilltop Village, visit the Capital Projects web pages:

Valley Dining Center

  • Opened Sept. 1, 2016 overlooking Goldsworth Valley pond
  • Offering nine micro-restaurants with a variety of healthy options
  • Awarded LEED Gold certification

Western Heights

  • Innovative housing complex opened fall2015
  • Designed for community engagement and student success

Stadium Drive Apartments

  • Re-opened fall 2016
  • Graduate student units included

Western View

  • Phase II and community center opened fall 2013
  • The new complex opened fall 2011

Plaza Café

  • Major renovation fall 2011  

Project Updates