Air Travel


Step One: Create or Verify your CTP Travel Account

Please use the tutorial guides below to assist you with setting up your CTP account to access your profile and the lightning booking.

Register with CTP online


CTP Portal Login Setup Guide

Setting up your traveler profile 

CTM Profile user guide




Step Two: Estimate your travel expenses


Include costs such as: 
  • Departure and return dates
  • Conference cost
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Air travel—estimated cost for air travel through CTP's online reservation system. All tickets must be booked through Collegiate Travel Planners (CTP).
  • Car rental
  • Meals


Better deals found elsewhere?

If you are able to provide documentation that you can find a lower price from a main line carrier, such as American, United, or Delta airlines, please contact CTP at (800) 520-9644/(402) 484-4392 or email to see if a price match is available. Price matching is not available via third-party sites, such as Expedia, Priceline, or Google Flights.



Step Three: Create an online Travel Authorization


University travelers, please complete these steps as far in advance as possible:
  • Login to the travel authorization system (located in PeopleSoft) using your BroncoNet ID and password
  • Have your travel estimation available for entry into the online system
  • Complete and submit an online travel authorization
  • Wait for an email notification that your authorization has been approved



Step Four: Place your reservations

Once your authorization has been approved you can proceed with placing your reservations. 

If you need assistance from CTP you may call (800) 520-9644/(402) 484-4392 or email


Please note: Flight reservations and payment reservation outside of coach class must be pre-approved by the appropriate vice-president.


Domestic and International Travel

Log in to CTP's online reservation system to place your travel reservations and solidify your itinerary; or book through a CTP travel agent by calling (800) 520-9644/(402) 484-4392.


Assistance with putting line number in the CTP system:

Your TA number is required to be able to book travel through CTP. In addition, you must also provide the line number on which the airfare charge appears. The format should follow this schema: 

1. Your 5-digit travel authorization number (with 5 leading zeros)

2. The airfare charge line number formated as 5-digits (add leading zeros to line number to total 5-digits)

Example: TA number 38749 with airfare on line #3: 0000038749-00003

Q: Where can I find the line number?

A: You will find your line number for air travel in front of the airfare expense line.


  • Ticket payment
    Tickets will be automatically charged to the University's business travel account and then charged back to the various departments accordingly.
  • Price Matching
    CTP offers a price matching service in an effort to support travelers in locating the most affordable flight option available in Lightning. Please email the following information to:
    • Submitter’s contact information

      • Email

      • Phone number

    • Name of traveler

    • Screenshot of CTP quoted fare

    • Screenshot of lower fare (not quoted through CTP)

      • Please ensure the screenshots include:

        • Date and time of the quote

        • Full schedule details (flight numbers, dates/times, class of service for each segment)

        • Cost breakdown (fare & taxes and fees)

  • Frequent flier mileage

    University travelers are allowed to keep their own frequent flier miles. However, travelers should keep in mind the importance of obtaining the lowest available fares.

  • Hotels
    If lodging has not been prearranged, such as through a conference, CTP can assist you with your reservation.
  • Car rental
    When a rental car is needed with air travel, the reservation can be made using CTP. A personal credit card will be requested by CTP to guarantee the reservation. A personal credit card will also be needed for payment of the rental car at pick up. The original receipt will need to be submitted for reimbursement. Payroll and Disbursements reccomends that travelers use the Hertz online reservation tool available on the ground travel page. This allows the reservation to be placed and directly billed to the university. You also receive access to the University's discounted rate.

CTP Travel Team

CTP Travel Team

Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. EST

Phone: (800) 520-9644 / (402) 484-4392


Your travel team's phone number will pass-through to the after-hours service outside of normal business hours.