Hotel reservations

Hotel reservations can be made using the CTP's online system with the exception of prearranged accommodations.

If traveling on Western Michigan University's behalf to a conference that has prearranged hotel space, the traveler makes their own reservation directly with the hotel and not through CTP's reservation system.

When making lodging reservations outside of CTP or conference housing, special state rates may be available for Western Michigan University employees using hotel chains that have a participating program and when space is available. Individual travelers may inquire when making the reservation. Marriott Hotel chains may extend the state government rate to Western Michigan University employees when rooms are available and state tax exemption documentation is presented. The state rate is only available in states that Western Michigan University is tax exempt. See the Accounts Payable forms page for exemption certificates with the tax ID number.

Guarantees and payments

Hotel guarantees and payment for hotel accommodations during trip, whether booked via CTP or by the traveler, will be made with the traveler's personal credit card and then submitted for reimbursement.


Change of plans

If travel plans change, it is the traveler's responsibility to contact the hotel or CTP (800) 520-9644/(402) 484-4392. Please obtain and keep the cancellation number to assure that a no-show charge will be avoided.



Western Michigan University will reimburse authorized lodging expenses at actual cost. Original hotel bills are required for reimbursement. A statement may not be used in place of receipts. The exception is tipping which will be reimbursed at a reasonable and customary rate.

Shared accommodations and reimbursement policy

When an authorized traveler shares a hotel room with non-University individuals, such as family members or colleagues from another institution, the following will apply:

  • If shared with non-University individuals who receive no travel money from another source and there is no increase in cost, the Western Michigan University traveler will be reimbursed in full.
  • If the non-University individual receives no travel money from another source and there is an increase in cost, the Western Michigan University traveler will be reimbursed at not more than the single occupancy rate.
  • If non-University individuals receive travel money from another source, the Western Michigan University traveler will be reimbursed a proportionate amount of the room cost. The reimbursement will be based on the total amount paid divided by the number of persons sharing the room. The receipt must show the total amount paid for multiple occupancy and that the University traveler was accompanied by one or more persons. If this information is not on the hotel bill, a list of people who shared the room should be added.