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Please be advised university travelers are required to obtain prior approval whether the travel is reimbursed or not.

THE Travel Authorization and Expense System—9.2 PeopleSoft Financials

The Payroll and Disbursements Office has implemented Phase I of the Travel Authorization and Expense Module in PeopleSoft Financials. All new travel authorizations should be submitted using PeopleSoft Financials.  Please note that AAA will process any travel authorizations submitted in the prior system. The prior travel authorization system is also available for travelers to access historical data and reports.

Phase II will include online preparation and submission of Expense Reporting utilizing workflow to reduce paper submission for expense reimbursements.

Phase I features of the Travel Authorization and Expense System include:

  • Online preparation of the Travel Authorization.
  • Online approval of the Travel Authorization utilizing a workflow process.
  • Delegation of authority to another person within the department to enter travel requests on behalf of a traveler.
  • Reassignment of workflow to another person to approve travel authorizations on their behalf during periods of extended absences or for processing efficiencies.

Please send any questions regarding the Travel Authorization System or individual Travel Authorization requests to Using this email will provide you the fastest response.

Travel Authorization and Expense User Guides

Getting started in PeopleSoft T&E

Preparing Travel Authorizations