Leadership and Business Strategy

Video of The Center for Principled Leadership and Business Strategy

Leadership and business strategy gives you a competitive advantage and accelerates your career, no matter your major. You will gain the skills most desired by top companies—leadership, teamwork, and strategic problem solving. The program culminates in two internship-level consulting experiences where you solve a strategic business problem for two different companies. Your learning directly affects people’s lives, making your internships relevant, meaningful and engaging. Through these experiences, you will grow personally and professionally among some of the hardest working, most ambitious students at WMU.

Leadership and business strategy can only be taken with a second major or as a minor because leadership and strategy are skills, not specific business functions.

Beyond the classroom

As a leadership and business strategy student at WMU, you will gain valuable networking and professional opportunities outside the classroom through special events, activities and social functions.

After you graduate

WMU graduates who study leadership and business strategy will be prepared with skills and experiences that complement and enrich their chosen field of study.  Those who complete the second major in leadership and business strategy are especially well prepared for careers in consulting, private equity, investment banking and strategy.

Where is this program offered?

  • Kalamazoo

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