Christine Byrd-Jacobs

Photo of Christine  Byrd-Jacobs
Christine Byrd-Jacobs
Professor of Biological Sciences, Dean of the Graduate College
(269) 387-5843
3161 Wood Hall, Mail Stop 5410
Mailing address: 
Department of Biological Sciences
Western Michigan University
1903 W Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5410 USA
Research interests: 
  • Cellular neurobiology

Dr. Christine Byrd-Jacobs is a professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and Dean of the Graduate College at Western Michigan University.

Byrd-Jacobs' major research focus is the plasticity of the adult central nervous system. Her model is the olfactory system of zebrafish. The olfactory system is unique in that it is a continually developing sensory system, and one can study both development and regeneration in adults. Byrd-Jacobs is trying to elucidate the cellular interactions and molecular factors responsible for the maintenance of brain structures and their ability to respond to injury. This research has important implications for neural regeneration and recovery from brain injury and disease.

Students in Byrd-Jacobs' lab:

  • Bonnie Corpus, Ph.D. student
  • John Rozofsky, M.S. student
  • Tara Maser, Ph.D. student (Chemistry)
  • Sydney Chen, undergraduate
  • Aunner Calderone, undergraduate