Admission to Professional Program

Application to Professional Engineering and Engineering Technology Program

Students currently part of the pre-engineering or pre-engineering technology program will need to submit an application for admission to their professional program:

  • The application should be submitted in the semester a student is taking the final pre-engineering or pre-engineering technology requirement.
  • The application also may need to be accompanied by a "Request to Enroll in 3000-4000 Level Engineering Courses" form if a student needs to register major courses in 3000 or 4000 level for the following semester.
  • The application can be completed during an advising appointment (preferred) or a completed application can be dropped off in the Advising Office (E-102 Floyd Hall).
  • Both the above forms can be located on the forms section of the advising website.

Grades will be checked at the end of the semester for all students who have applied for admission to their professional engineering or engineering technology program. Students who successfully complete their pre-program will be notified via WMU email after final grades are posted and should plan to continue meeting with their academic advisor every semester.

Apply to Professional Program