Custer Book Loan Application

The application period for summer 2024 is now closed.

The Custer Book Loan program is offered as a result of a generous donation by David Custer, CEO of Custer Inc. and sponsor of the Custer Speaker Series. David Custer and the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences recognize that academic success requires full access to all course materials and that the costs of these materials is significant. In situations where financial resources are not available for a student to acquire needed course materials, the program provides books and other required materials to students in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at no cost to the student on a temporary basis. Any required course materials or books specified by the WMU Bookstore are eligible for the program, including those that expire after a specific length of time (access codes, etc.). At the end of the loan period, returned materials will be used to help other students in the college. In situations where the requested materials will be needed by the awardee in a later semester, longer term loans may be possible.

  • Multiple awards will be made each academic year. The amount of support is limited.

Eligibility criteria 

  • Enrolled as an undergraduate student in a program offered by the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. 

  • Must be enrolled in at least 6 credits during spring or fall semesters or 3 credits during summer I or summer II semesters. 

  • Able to provide an explanation of need. 

  • Willingness to write a thank you note to the program sponsor, David Custer, for making the program possible and explaining its impact on you.

Application deadlines

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for the upcoming semester and students should apply as early as possible for full consideration.
  • Fall semester applications open July 15 and are due by August 15 
  • Spring semester applications open November 15 and are due by December 15 
  • Summer semester (both summer I and summer II) applications open March 15 and are due by April 15
Requests for funds will be evaluated by Dr. Matthew Cavalli, associate dean for undergraduate academic affairs, at WMU's College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.