Financial Hardship Request Form

The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Dean’s Office will consider requests for financial support due to unexpected hardship from currently enrolled College of Engineering and Applied Sciences students outside of the normal scholarship/fellowship award process. Resources to support these requests are limited and this is not intended to be a regular avenue of support for students not awarded a scholarship or fellowship. Funding of hardship requests is not guaranteed, and no more than one financial hardship request will typically be funded by the college for any College of Engineering and Applied Sciences student during their career at WMU. 

When submitting a financial hardship request, the requestor must explain what unexpected change in life circumstance lead to the financial shortfall (e.g., loss of a job/reduction in hours, injury/illness, vehicle repairs, etc.). Hardship requests should be based on financial emergencies, not a foreseeable shortfall in funds. The requestor must also itemize the expenses to be funded. Allowable expense categories include the following:

  • Course supplies (including books, online access codes, software, and other materials)
  • WMU tuition and fees

The requestor must identify their expected graduation date and outline their strategy for financing the remainder of their degree. Requests may be funded in full, partially funded or not funded.

Funding is prioritized for College of Engineering and Applied Sciences undergraduate students who have successfully completed at least 2/3 of their degree program. Students must have a cumulative GPA over 2.0 to be eligible. Students on academic probation of any type are not eligible to apply for funding. Students who have previously received a financial hardship award from the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences will typically not be considered for additional support. Most financial hardship awards are  less than $1,000, but other requests will be considered, if justified.

How to apply

Hardship funding requests should be made by submitting the form below.


 Dr. Matthew Cavalli, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
(269) 276-3249
Email Dr. Matthew Cavalli

Your nine-digit WMU Identification Number.
Funds provided via a College of Engineering and Applied Sciences hardship award are intended to be one‐time support to cover unforeseen financial gaps. Please explain the reasons for your current financial hardship and plans for financing future educational expenses. Be specific and include information about any supplementary funding you have received or applied to receive.
Provide an itemized list of the expenses for which you are requesting support (indicate specific term, course(s) involved, and if the request is for course materials like books/access codes, tuition/fees, or both):