Research Foci

  • Modeling of power equipment, simulation, and design (Asumadu, Gomez)
  • Radio Frequency and Sunseeker Solar Panels and Electronics (Bazuin)
  • Digital signal processing, adaptive systems and filters (Abdel-Qader, Atashbar, Bazuin)
  • RF Communication Signal Analysis and Acquisition and RFID (Abdel-Qader, Atashbar, Bazuin, Fleming)
  • Ubiquitous IOT based on remote Bluetooth devices and Smart Phones and server based data storage (Abdel-Qader, Atashbar, Bazuin)
  • Robotics and intelligent performance assessment systems for medical training devices (Grantner, T. Gupta)
  • Supply chain and systems modeling  (Burns, Butt, Lyth)
  • Enhanced manufacturing and production processes (Burns, Ikonomov, Greene, T. Gupta, Meade, Patten, Ramrattan, Wells)
  • Product design, product development, and ergonomics (Butt, Fredericks)
  • Delivering solutions for culture and change management in engineering organizations (Greene, Lyth, Mallak)
  • Data analytics, predictive analytics, and cyber-physical security for industry (Burns, A. Gupta, Meade, Ramrattan, Wells, L. Yang)
  • Additive and 3-D manufacturing, micro/nano manufacturing, and industrial robots (Atashbar, T. Gupta, Ikonomov, Keil, Meade, Patten, Rodriguez)
  • Design, Modelling and Simulation of Mechanical Systems (J. Ari-Gur, Gustafson, Kim, Liou, Naghshineh, Ro)
  • Intelligent transportation systems and autonomous vehicle control (Asher, Fajardo-Hansford, T. Gupta, Kwigizile, Meyer, Naghshineh, Oh, Ro, Shrestha)
  • Space vehicles and propulsion systems (Asher, Fajardo-Hansford, Hudson, Lemmer, Shrestha)
  • Nanocellulose materials for flexible display and printed electronics (Fleming, Li, Q. Yang)
  • Biomass processing for biofuels and renewable platform chemicals (Wu, Q. Yang)
  • Smart sensors and biosensors  (Atashbar, Bazuin, Fleming, Ghantasala, Merati)
  • Composites, materials characterization, smart materials, and plasma processing (P. Ari-Gur, Cavalli, Durbin, Ghantasala, Gustafson, Kim, Kujawski, Lemmer)
  • Construction Project Management (Abudayyeh, Bhandari, Cho, Hains, Liu)
  • Water Resources Engineering and Storm water Management (Hains)
  • Infrastructure and Asset Management (Abudayyeh, Aktan, Attanayake)
  • Structural repair and rehabilitation using composite materials (Cavalli, Gustafson, Toutanji)
  • Structural and earthquake engineering (Aktan, P. Ari-Gur, Attanayake, Hu, Shao)
  • Alternative energy, renewable energy, and energy storage devices (Asumadu, Bazuin, Cho, Fajardo-Hansford, Gomez, Lee, Lemmer, Merati, Meyer, Patten, Shrestha, Wu)
  • Engineering education, student retention, diversity, and inclusion  (Aller, Asher, Bazuin, Burns, Cavalli, Cho, Choudhury, Kim, Kline, Ro, Rodriguez)
  • STEM outreach and K-12 students (Abdel-Qader, Bazuin, Butt, Cavalli, Choudhury, Fredericks, T. Gupta, Miller, Rodriguez, Q. Yang)
  • Bio Mechanics, In-vitro and in-vivo stimulation, biomedical research (Abdel-Qader, P. Ari-Gur, Atashbar, Fredericks, Ghantasala, Gustafson, Liou, Merati, Miller, Springstead)

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