Waitlist Request

Use this form to request to be added to a waitlist enrollment in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Western Michigan University.

You will receive a notification once you have been given permission to register. It is your responsibility to register yourself and adjust the rest of your schedule, if needed.

  • Students are given permission for courses based on priority,  not first-come, first-served.
  • You will not be able to register with a hold on your account, even once permission has been granted.
  • We cannot override time conflicts so make sure the course(s) you are requesting fit into your schedule. 
  • Please do not schedule advising appointments to follow up on the status of a waitlist. 
  • Students will receive an email with next steps once they have been given permission to register.

 Check your email often for the status of your waitlist. You must register within 24 hours after receiving the waitlist email notification that you have permission to register.

If you have further questions or need to send documents you may send an email to ceas-advising@wmich.edu.

Your nine-digit WMU Identification Number.
example: Statics
examples: ME, CS, ECE
example. 2560, 2570, 2580,