Student Projects Laboratory Overview

The purpose of the Student Projects Lab is to give all WMU College of Engineering and Applied Sciences students a designated place to perform hands-on work for any WMU-related class project. It also is used for senior design capstone projects required of all graduating students. The lab is home to the WMU SAE Formula and Baja Racing teams, which do a majority of their design, machining and assembly within the lab. Other Registered

Student Organizations, including the Sunseeker Solar Car Team, use the Students Projects Lab when needed. 


The Student Projects Lab is located near the end of the “G” wing in Room G-112.

Requirements for lab use

  1. The first requirement for students to work in the student projects lab is to be enrolled and currently attending class at WMU’s College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. 
  2. The second requirement is for students to be attending a class that requires the completion of a class project that may need to be designed, fabricated, and assembled. 
  3. Students that are current members of a Registered Student Organization (RSO), involved with faculty lead research projects, or completing a senior design capstone project are also permitted to use the student projects laboratory. 
  4. Students who do not fit into one of the first three requirements are not permitted to use the student projects laboratory.  
  5. Students are required to follow all directions and guidelines listed throughout the “Safety and Basic User Guide” document. 
  6. Violation of any rules listed within the “Safety and Basic User Guide ," "Manual Mill SOP," "Manual Lathe SOP," or additional rules that may be posted within the student projects lab will result in loss of lab access and use until further notice at the discretion of the Lab Manager or Machine Shop Manager.

Lab access

The Student Projects Lab door is locked 24/7 and is a "card access only" laboratory. The Student Projects Lab is open 24/7 for student to use that have been granted card access. Students will need to meet the first three requirements for lab use. Students will then need to have an advisor, staff member, or professor email Tamara Bergman in the Dean's Office to request card access into the Student Projects Lab.

Email Tamara Bergman


The 2,000 square foot Student Projects Lab allows students the capability to apply traditional machining processes to their projects that include turning on a lathe, milling, sawing, drilling and shaping, and abrasive grinding. The lab also has the capability for students to fabricate portions of their projects through form fitting and fastening methods such as shearing, bending and welding. Small woodworking cutting and sanding equipment also is an option for student use within the projects lab.  


  • Clausing Colchester  13”  Manual Lathe
  • Clausing Kondia FV-1  Vertical Milling Machine
  • Wells-Index 856  Horizontal and Vertical Milling Machine
  • Powermatic 1200  20” Drill Press
  • Bitco Machine Tools 1701 HD Drill Press
  • Rockwell 28-300  14”  Cutting Band Saw
  • Powermatic 143  14”  Cutting Band Saw
  • Kalamazoo Horizontal Band Saw H9AW  9”X16”  Metal Cutting
  • Rockwell 31-501  6”X48”  Vertical Belt Sander
  • Pexto 137-K  37”  Foot Metal Squaring Shear
  • Pexto 3003  Metal Bending Shear
  • Miller Syncrowave 200 TIG Welder
  • Mid-States TriArc 160 Welder
  • 10” Delta Table Saw w/48” extension table
  • Spray-Tech 84” Table Top Paint Booth
  • Various abrasive grinding and cutting power tool equipment
  • Various small woodworking cutting and sanding power tool equipment
  • Complete full set of basic hand tools

Emergency contact

Matthew Stoops– Lab Supervisor
(269) 276-3287 | Email Matthew Stoops