Transferring Credit

Due to the specificity and accreditation of the programs in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, exact course equivalencies are required in order to apply transfer credits toward a student’s degree. As such, current students planning to transfer in a course must have that course fully evaluated before it can be properly applied to their major.

In order to fully evaluate a math, science or engineering course students need to supply a full course syllabus for each respective classSyllabi must provide the following information for a complete evaluation:

  • Course description
  • Textbook(s) utilized in the course
  • Course prerequisite requirements
  • Grading scale & components
  • List of topics

General education courses that are granted general department credit can generally be evaluated based on a course description. All course evaluations need to take place prior to a student enrolling in the course.

It is the student's responsibility to supply a syllabus for each course to their academic advisor, who will forward the information to the appropriate department. Course evaluations must start with the advisor. Students who send syllabi directly to professors or course coordinators will be directed to contact their advisor. Please note that some credits may transfer to the University but will not apply toward a major in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences without prior evaluation and approval. Students should check with their advisor before enrolling in a course at another college or university to ensure the course will transfer to WMU and apply to their program requirements.

For more detailed and major-specific information, consult the academic advising office transfer credit process.

Transfer Credit Process