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    Michigan: Mid-America's Space Harbor

Engineers Week Dinner 2022

Engineers Week Dinner 2022

Join us for Engineers Week Dinner

Featured Speaker: Gavin Brown, Executive Director

Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association

Gavin BrownAs executive director of the Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association, Gavin Brown is committed to establishing Michigan as a leader in the commercialization of near-Earth space and as a source for highly qualified suppliers to the defense, commercial, general aviation and UAV aerospace manufacturing sectors.
Brown is recognized as the driving force for promoting aerospace and defense companies active in Michigan. With more than 25 years of aerospace experience, he founded the Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association in 2007.
MAMA is a membership association providing the global aerospace industry with state-of-the-art technology, multiple manufacturing disciplines and extensive manufacturing capabilities. MAMA is focused on growing Michigan’s Aerospace industry through synergy with the engineering and manufacturing competencies of the automotive industry.
Brown has been instrumental in organizing and promoting the Michigan Launch Initiative. The MLI is a public-private partnership that provides a collaborative platform for academia, industry, and governmental agencies to access near-earth space. The MLI will provide vertical and horizontal rocket launch capability as well as a control center for post-launch operations. The MLI leverages Michigan’s unique advantages for polar orbit satellite launches: location, infrastructure, skilled workforce, economy and advanced manufacturing capability.

About the Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association 

Engineers Week logoThe Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association is committed to positioning Michigan as mid-America’s Space Harbor, ensuring our state will play a leadership role in the growing aerospace industry. Our first public-private partnership is the Michigan Launch Initiative, which is working to bring together industry, government agencies and academic partners to support commercial and national security applications for the aerospace ecosystem. MAMA is in process of creating three sites – a command and control center that will support horizontal and vertical launch facilities to provide low earth orbit satellite launch sites. Our second public-private partnership is developing 5G Space-Enabled Communications for Advanced Mobility, or SECAM, for commercial and government users. The SECAM will draw private, government and academic partners to develop a secured space/terrestrial mesh 5G system that will incorporate existing terrestrial 5G technology. This 5G mesh system will utilize near-Earth orbit satellite 5G technology for ground, air, water and space missions.

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