2024 Pi Day panel sitting at table

Annual Pi Day Panel

Thank you 2024 Pi Day Panel

From left to right: Josh Barr, B.S.E.97, M.S.E.'99, Sage Acoustics; Dr. Simin Masihi, WMU; Jessica (Hartl) VanDussen,  B.S.E.'12, Consumers Energy; Rick Wielopolski, Cyber Solutions Technologies; Byron Izenbaard, B.S.E.'13, Stryker; Cameron O’Brien, B.S.E.'13, FEMA Corporation; Sheri Welsh, Welsh & Associates; and Michael Dozeman, B.S.E.'01, Stryker.

Honor society hosts question-and-answer sessions with local engineering community

Each year on Pi Day, March 14, Western Michigan University's chapter of Tau Beta Pi  hosts a public forum on how to succeed as an engineer. Panelists offer their insights to engineering students on a variety of topics, including job-seeking strategies, what engineers do day-to-day, and how to develop as an engineering professional.

Tau Beta Pi at WMU


2023 Pi-Day Panel, from left: Zachary Reinke, B.S.E.'17, M.S.E.'19, Dimplex Thermal Solutions; Rick Wielopolski, Cyber Solutions Technologies; Christy Martin, B.S.'94, MBA'15, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet; Jim Lancendorfer, MBA'15, Parker Aerospace; Byron Izenbaard, B.S.E.'13, Stryker; and Caleb Kennett, B.S.E.'17, M.S.E.'20, FEMA Corporation.



Pi Day panel members

2022 Pi-Day Panel from left: Rick Wielopolski, president, Cyber Solutions Technologies; Cameron O’Brien, B.S.'13, manufacturing engineer, FEMA Corporation; Byron Izenbaard, B.S.'13, staff manufacturing engineer - electrical, Stryker; Zachary Reinke, Senior software engineer - embedded systems, Dimplex Thermal Solutions; Dr. Krystal York, Ph.D.'22, engineer, Electric Power Research Institute; and Christy Martin, MBA'15, HR director, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet.


2021 Pi Day panel members

2021 Online Pi-Day Panel, Fred Burkhart (Gardner, Linn, Burkhart & Ondersma, LLP), Alexandra Ferguson (MIT Brain and Cognitive Sciences, not pictured), Peter Hansen (University of Michigan Space Physics Research Laboratory, retired), Greg Houser (Parker Aerospace), Erika Mallery (Simergent), Cameron O’Brien (FEMA Corporation), Michael Strickler (Stryker, not pictured), and Rick Wielopolski (Cyber Solutions Technologies). Images courtesy Erika Mallery.


2019 Pi Day panel members

2019 Pi-Day Panel, L to R: Michael Ellinger (Eaton), Christine Martin (Parker Aerospace), Cameron O’Brien (FEMA Corporation), Beau Kidman (Stryker), Jessica VanDussen (Consumers Energy), Rick Wielopolski (Cyber Solutions Technologies), and Chad Vliek (Parker Aerospace).


2018 Pi Day panel members

2018 Pi-Day Panel, L to R: Jessica VanDussen (Consumers Energy), Peter Hansen (University of Michigan Space Physics Research Laboratory, retired), Erika Fojtik (Stryker), Chad Vliek (Parker Aerospace), Michael Dozeman (Stryker), Christine Martin (Parker Aerospace), Rick Wielopolski (Cyber Solutions Technologies), Mike Zeldes (Amway), and Cameron O’Brien (FEMA Corporation). Not pictured: Fred Burkhart (Gardner, Linn, Burkhart & Flory).


2017 Pi Day panel members

2017 Pi-Day Panel, L to R: Student officers Conner Knepley and Christian Brower, panelists Erika Fojtik (Stryker), Christine Martin (Parker Aerospace), Jim Lancendorfer (Parker Aerospace), Mike Zeldes (Amway), Peter Hansen (University of Michigan Space Physics Research Laboratory, retired), Fred Burkhart (Gardner, Linn, Burkhart & Flory), Rick Wielopolski (Cyber Solutions Technologies), and student officers Turner Solterman and Cory Fritz.


2016 Pi day panel members

2016 Pi-Day Panel, L to R: Student member Tim Ruesink, Cameron O’Brien (FEMA Corporation), Yasir Khogali (Nissan North America), Jennifer Lentner (Stryker Corporation), William Cloutier (DTE Energy), Josh Roby (Dimplex), Eric Farrington (Whirlpool), and student officers Erika Fojtik and Jake Nye.