COVID-19 Screening and Badges

In an effort to continue to enhance the safety of our community, Western Michigan University requires that all students, faculty and staff complete the COVID-19 daily health survey and screening process each day they are on campus. Once the survey is completed, a badge will display a status indicating that individual is: 

A green badge with a mask, a red badge with an exclamation point, an orange badge with a house and a purple badge with an exclamation point.

  • Green: You are cleared for public spaces on campus today and must wear a mask indoors. 
  • Red: You are not cleared for public spaces on campus today because you answered “yes” to one of the screening questions, you are not in compliance with mandated COVID-19 testing or you are taking exclusively online courses and not using campus resources.
  • Orange: You are required to quarantine; stay home and monitor for symptoms. 
  • Purple: COVID-19 positive: You must isolate for 10 days. 

The badge status is determined by responses to the answers to the survey questions and whether verified vaccination information has been provided. Everyone on campus is required to abide by any restrictions and instructions regarding their status. 

Those who have been granted an approved accommodation regarding COVID-19 masking requirements should be prepared to provide evidence of the accommodation by uploading it to the Sindecuse patient portal. All approved accommodations will be respected. 


The University strongly encourages but does not require COVID-19 vaccines for students, faculty or staff. The University does not require students, faculty or staff to reveal whether they have been fully vaccinated. The University strongly encourages those who have been fully vaccinated to upload COVID-19 vaccination documentation at the Sindecuse Health Center's secure patient portal. Do not provide any other health information beyond confirmation of your vaccination status. If you were vaccinated in Michigan, your vaccination status will be confirmed by Sindecuse Health Center through the Michigan MCIR database. If you were vaccinated outside of Michigan, your vaccination status will also be confirmed and may take additional time to verify. Providing false or fraudulent documents regarding vaccination status is a violation of the student code and University policy. Individuals will be considered vaccinated only after their vaccination status is confirmed.

Students, faculty and staff who upload verified documentation of full vaccination will no longer have to complete the daily COVID-19 health survey once their vaccination status is confirmed. Their badges status will continuously indicate they are cleared to come to campus with a mask.

Documentation regarding vaccination status and responses to the COVID-19 health screening will be maintained as protected health information under the HIPAA regulations. 

A supervisor may ask to see the COVID-19 badge status of employees, and faculty and instructors may ask to see the COVID-19 badge status of students in their classes. Verification of COVID-19 badge status may also be required in other University settings, such as dining facilities and University events.


Students, faculty and staff who upload documentation of full vaccination (14 days past the second dose of a two-dose Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or 14 days past the one-dose J & J) will no longer have to complete the daily health survey once their vaccination status is verified.