COVID Screening and Badges

Screening Survey

Western Michigan University is recommending every student and employee coming to campus complete a screening survey on the health center's patient portal.

Result: You're badged and ready

Once you've completed the screening survey in the patient portal, you're shown a badge onscreen that is active for the day. You will need to show your badge upon entry to the health center. We're limiting visits to the building to those with appointments and expect students, faculty and staff to complete the screening survey before they arrive. The badge color indicates your status:

Green = Cleared—come to campus!

Yellow = Overdue—Log in to take the survey.

Orange = Quarantine—call the health center.

Red = Isolation

If you complete the survey and are asked to contact the health center, WMU pays your out-of-pocket costs for these visits and testing.

An orange 'quarantine' badge is assigned if you answer yes to a screening question. Respondents with this badge are asked to call Sindecuse Health Center for an appointment. Students and employees who have followed recommendations and have a scheduled appointment at Sindecuse are still able to do some daily activities, following Safe Return precautions, while their badge is orange: mask, social distance, washing hands, etc.

A red 'isolation' badge will be assigned by health center staff if you test positive for COVID-19. Persons with this badge aren't attending classes in person or coming to a workplace on campus. They have been evaluated by a provider and are isolating at home.